May 14, 2010
The Fans Speak! Check out these great comments from the KISS Army... the fans tell it like it is...And like it was!

Subject: Wembley,London. 12 5 2010
From: Jim Stringer on 05/13/2010

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!! They have not invented a word to describe the show I saw last night {wed 12th may 2010} Amazing,Awesome, Fantastic. These words just do not come close. I swear you get better as the years rock and roll by, or is that over. Not only do you give us lucky fans an outstanding show, you also give us respect and recognition for turning up. That is a rare occurrence with music artists today. Ive seen singers walk off stage in a mood over nothing. They will fall, whereas KISS will live forever. I definitely LOVE IT LOUD. Congrats to you all. Keep rockin... JIMBO..

Subject: THANK YOU! For one of the best concerts ever;o)
From: Sheila on 05/13/2010

Thank you for the absolutely phenomenal concert you did in Glasgow. It was the first time I had ever seen KISS and it won't be the last!! Also please check out some of my pics taken from the gig x there are some really KISS-tastic ones in there ;o)

Subject: KISS in the UK
From: Ray Morrissey on 05/13/2010

KISS live now are better and bigger than ever. Being a 50 year old i was lucky enough to have seen both KISS shows at Hammy Odeon in 1976 and have seen them at least once on every UK tour since and a few in Europe and USA.I got along to seven of the nine Sonic Boom UK shows and every one was just fantastic.Thank you KISS for playing so many indoor UK shows on this tour.

Subject: Kiss Sonic Boom UK Tour
From: Richard Booth on 05/12/2010

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the band for the best tour yet!! Manchester show was fantastic, great crowd and amazing atmosphere! The band have been tighter on stage than ever! A big thank you to Gene for taking the time to speak with me back at the hotel and signing my CDs! You're the man! See you all back in the UK again very soon I hope! Richard. (33 years a Kiss fan and counting!)

Subject: I bow down to ya!
From: GazTech on 05/12/2010

Dear Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric I attended the Manchester gig that I had been eagerly anticipating for months and months, and I can easily say it was MORE than worth the wait and every penny. I would happily experience that... or should I say "party every day"! I will be looking out for another British gig in the future, and I assure you I will be there if you decide to do one, I honestly think you put all these young bands to shame with your energy and showmanship. I hope you read this message and realise how legendary you guys are and always will be! I'm 22 years old and forget all this modern tack, you guys will always be on my playlist. To finish off... four words... 'the best concert ever' Well done and thankyou for one of the best nights of my life! p.s I would really appreciate a response, although I fully understand you are all very busy. Thanks again and all the best for future endeavors, Gary

Subject: Manchester 05/10/10
From: Brian on 05/12/2010

hi guy's, just had to let you know what I thought of the show on Monday. all I can say is awesome the best kiss concert I have ever been to and probably the best concert I have ever been to full stop you guy's rocked like never before. can't wait until next time,just don't make it to long before you come over here again.

Subject: Manchester M.E.N
From: Chris on 05/12/2010

Guys you were awesome in Manchester! The numb ass was worth every minute! My first time and I really hope not my last! Not only were you awesome but the crowd was too! No Pushing what so ever, so much respect which helped everyone take in the stunning show! I never thought I would get to see you guys I am now chuffed that I have. So close to getting a plectrum too! My uncle is a massive fan and has seen you you a few times and said that was the best you have been! He wrote a review too for my site, but words do not do that show justice, it blew me away!! Keep rocking you GODS of ROCK

Subject: Euro Tour
From: Dean on 05/12/2010

I must say i saw your concerts in birmingham, manchester and ready to see you again in london on the 13th May. My Daughter has waited for many years for you to tour and it was well worth waiting for. You still rock after all these years and i loved every minute of the shows it brought back some good memories... thanks

Subject: Kiss in Manchester
From: Ryan Gallimore on 05/12/2010

I went to my first Rock Concert on Monday night. A Kiss concert. All I can say is that Kiss truly are The Hottest Band In The World. The show was amazing and too good to put into words. I don't think I will ever see another one that can match it (unless I see another Kiss show which I hoppe to do). So I would just like to say thank you to Kiss for an incredible night that I will never forget.

Subject: woow !
From: megan keir on 05/12/2010

The Glasgow gig was amazing :) come back soon xxxxxxxxx

Subject: KISS, Manchester, UK
From: Starchild20 on 05/12/2010

Hi guys, I just wanted to send a quick letter to say a huge than you for an awesome night again at Manchester. I saw you at Sheffield and Birmingham also. You just keep getting better! I am sad that I won't see you on any more dates for this tour but hope to see you in the UK again - perhaps to support a new album?! I will definitely be doing the meet and greet next time. I have wanted to meet Paul in particular for so long and I dream of the day that I do so and can have one amazing photo with him. I have to say that Paul Stanley you are amazing, you have to be the best front man I have ever seen on stage - you were born to be up there clearly - I love you! ;-) I am planning on getting my first tattoo in the Summer - there will only be one tattoo, a KISS one. I wish you success for the rest of the tour - I know the rest of the KISS Army can't wait to see you. Love you all forever. Jo Sutcliffe xxxxxxxxx

Subject: Thank You KISS
From: KissGirl4Life on 05/11/2010

Hi Guys! I just have to say thank you so much for coming to manchester and putting on such a wonderful show seeing you last night was like my induction into the KISS Army Family its made me feel more like one of you. I thank you so much for being amazing and the best band in the world i hope you do another tour and come to manchester. Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy i love you all i think you are truly amazing in every single way! Love Laura Bradley x x x x x <3

Subject: KISS in Manchester 10th May 2010
From: Jonathan Lister on 05/11/2010

Awesome concert last night - well worth the wait from Download 2008. Took my daughter as well as my son this time (he saw you at Download) and she deafened him with her screaming!!! She was completely awestruck at the whole performance and says it's the best concert she's been to. Good luck with the rest of the tour and hope to see you all again soon. Jon Lister.

Subject: KISS in Glasgow
From: Eddie McKenna on 05/13/2010

Just a short note to say thanks for one of the best nights I've had in a long time. I was at the Glasgow gig with my twelve year old son and we had an absolute blast. My kid has Asbergers Syndrome and has a lot to contend with (including a brother with full Autisim). He totally let himself go at the gig and rocked out with his old Dad. We sang our hearts out and days later we still are. Thanks for a great night, a father son bonding experience and please come back sometime down the line.