May 23, 2010
The Fans Speak! Check out these great comments from the KISS Army... the fans tell it like it is...And like it was!

Photos and letters by the KISS ARMY EUROPE.

Subject: Kiss Rocks Austria
From: Niko on 05/21/2010

Hey KISS! Thank you for rocking Austria it was the best concert I have ever been and now my bff is also a true fan of yours! You can see on the piq that I put on make up and I was screaming so loud that my voice is gone! Thank you guy for rocking my life for over 10 years now! thank you so much! Yours, Nick

Subject: KISS at Wembley
From: Ross Sampson on 05/19/2010

KISS - best ever! Wembley Arena Thursday nights KISS concert at Wembley wasn't just the best performance by you guys that I have seen ( and this was my second of this tour let alone before) but the best concert EVER! The choice of songs, the commitment, energy and show were simply incredible. Superb sound, knock-out effects and a truly jaw dropping screen set up behind and in front of the drum riser made sure the audience never missed a thing and was entertained through every single song with specially created graphics and videos.Nobody puts more into a show than you guys for the fans and you played 2 and a quarter hours - and your playing is better than it has ever been. KISS, more than any other band, know you are there for us and because of us and deliver what we want in spades. Great to see full families there along with us ( ahem!) older fans. None better. Never will be.

Subject: KISS SHOW IN MILANO 5.18.10
From: Luca "Frenk Matrix" R. on 05/19/2010

THANK YOU! Kiss is simply the best, and yesterday's show in Milano prooved it. I couldn't believe how great you still are... the KISS Experience is much more than "rock'n'roll"... there is something you can't describe with words, something that you just just feel... something magic! I can see how KISS has much more to give to the audience, and we just can't wait to see what you guys will deliver us next time! Thanks for blowing our minds away, and for being the GREATEST MUSIC SHOW ON EARTH... EVER!! Sincerely yours, Luca "Frenk Matrix" R. PS: Awesome tour book! Congrats! :)

Subject: The Glasgow gig.
From: David on 05/19/2010

I was at the concert in the S.E.C.C. in Glasgow on May 9th. Just wanted to say "Thank You" for THE most amazing night! I managed to get down the front, standing in front of Gene's position, and it was like being a kid again. Up close and personal with "The Hottest Band In The World!" The stage show was awesome, the setlist was awesome, the pyro was awesome...I think you can tell I thought the whole thing was...well...AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I've never seen anything like it in my life! I've got some great photographs of the night, some of which are posted on KISSONLINE, and videos, which are on youtube. I bought the cd of the gig, and have never stopped listening to it since I got it. Thanks again for a spectacular night. Keep on rockin', and I hope that you guys visit Glasgow again very soon and blow my mind all over again! I wanted the best, I got the best..The Hottest Band In The World....KISS!

Subject: Milano 18 Maggio 2010
From: Andrea Balsamo on 05/21/2010

I am 43 yrs. old and have been a KISS fan since 1979; I was present at the concert in Milan, phenomenal, for me the best show I've seen Kiss, thanks guys !!!!!! Andrea

Subject: vienna says thank you
From: andy on 05/21/2010

Thank you for a really rock'nrollin' evening in vienna, you guys made my day(evening)...and as an old bassplayer i allways wanted to play and look like gene, so this foto shows you my dreams the wonderful thing is, that my 23 yaer old son joined me yesterday and likes your music as i do since decades... all the best an keep on rockin the world andy

Subject: Thank you for the hot show!
From: Martin Christof on 05/21/2010

Yesterdays show in Vienna was awesome! You really made us rock and roll all night! Hope you come to visit us again really soon! I WILL BE THERE FOR SURE!!! Thank you sooo much!

From: Thomas Fuhs on 05/20/2010

Hi KISS! Thank you, for the great show in Vienna. It was loud, it was hot, it was perfect. I hope you come back soon. I got my USB Stick and its great, a super quality and a piece of my own KISSTORY. I wish you a good continuing tour. yours Thomas

Subject: KISS in birmingUM
From: Rob George on 05/20/2010

just to say thanks for a great show. It was the first concert my wife has ever been to as we have autistic twin sons and rarely get time to do things like this. My wife loved it and I dont think I could have seen a better show anywhere. We got some great pictures, check them out at we had 2 cameras and were snapping all night. enjoy...

Subject: Milan 18 may 2010
From: Italy on 05/19/2010

Thanks for the amazing show.............I see you for the very first time in my life and it was incredible. I listen KISS from 1979................THANKS A LOT OF. Luka.

Subject: Paul can fly !
From: Italy on 05/19/2010

Hi people, yesterday again KISS give me 100 % rock+roll, Kiss Army Argentina was yesterday in Milan Rock City ! Thanks all !

Subject: Milan Show
From: Matteo Regano on 05/19/2010

Dear Kiss, thank you so very much for your show last night. It was my fifth Kiss concert and by far the best - a great stage, gorgeous outfits, an uptempo setlist and you guys looked in great shape. Gene was right stating even a deaf can have a good time at a Kiss show. Keep rockin'

Subject: KISS in Manchester
From: Frank Ralph on 05/19/2010

Had a great opportunity to review the KISS show in Manchester. It was a truly awesome experience. Paul Stanley pointing at me while I was taking pictures is something I'll remember forever. Here's my review and pics \m/ Cheers Frank

Subject: THANK YOU
From: Lada on 05/19/2010

Dear Kiss, I'm just a voice in the crowd who was yesterday in Milano. One of the voices that was there to scream you name..who was there to show you our love for you! You have saved my life, brought happiness and light in so many dark years! Anyway..yesterday i was there..and once more I've GOT THE BEST! I sang God Gave Rock and Roll to you, and tears dropped from my eyes..I was so happy, so happy..thank you for your music, thank you for the fires, for the stage, for everything..but most of all..THANK YOU FOR BEING KISS!!! I LOVE YOU!! AND WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!

Subject: kiss live in milan!!
From: carolina on 05/19/2010

Hi!! I only want to tell you how much i loved your show in milan the 18th of may!! it was WONDERFUL! I love you KISS!! During "lick it up", Paul threw me a kiss, I think I'll never forget that!! :D YOU ROOOOCK! With love, Carolina

Subject: thank you
From: Marta on 05/19/2010

Hello everybody! Thank you so much, KISS! I've seen you at the show in Milan. It was my first concert of yours and it was great!! Especially during "Lick It Up" and "Crazy Crazy Nights", one of my favourite songs. It was a magic for me and I hope to see you soon! P.S. Thanks for have remember Ronnie James Dio. With love, Marta from Italy

Subject: like Gene
From: Thomas on 05/18/2010

Hi ! My Name is Thomas ! I've 11 years old ! This concert in Geneva was the best concert I have ever seen. Thank you so much ! Thomas from Geneva

Subject: Lily Stanley
From: Lily on 05/18/2010

Thank you for this magic concert. Here is a photo of me, in the concert of Geneva. My name is Laetitia, I have13 years old. I hope to see you again ! Merci beaucoup...