June 16, 2010
Subject: KISS@Sauna Open Air
From: Nuutti Pura on 06/11/2010

I wanted the best and I got the best! KISS I wanna thank you for the awesome gig you did at Tampere! KISS never has been in a better shape! Eric you were awesome! And Paul I also wanna thank you to trying throw a pick to me several times. Luckily I got your pick. This was the best show I've seen ever! Thank you KISS!

Subject: sauna opena air
From: Finland on 06/13/2010

Oh my god, Sauna open air was so great. I can't believe that i really was there. You guys still keep on rocking, you surprise me every single time i see you. You were now better than last time you were here in Finland and you keep on getting better and better. You rocked so hard in Tampere and we all wanna see you next year! So please come back

Subject: Your concert rocked!
From: linnea elftsrom on 06/13/2010

Have you always been one of my favorite bands. And the evening of June 12 when it was the concert was, was really clear to me that you're the best! It was an unforgettable evening, I will never forget it. I cannot believe the evening is over and that I may never see you live again. I want to rewind time! I longed so much to see you and all of a sudden it's over? Thanks again, and it was one of the best nights of my life! :) You rocked!

Subject: From Sweden!
From: Anna on 06/15/2010

Hiya guys!! OMG you were so amazing here in MALMO, SWEDEN! Was standing right infront of the stage, it was the perfect show! cant really belive that you were here! so incredeble! and PAUL! - jag gillar din rumpa! Du är söt! ( also thank for the AMAZING eyecontact, you touched my heart ;) *blinks*

Subject: Thanks
From: Ådne Andengaard on 06/15/2010

Thank you for being the best band in the world ! I was at the concert in Oslo,Norway 14 June 2010. It was the best concert ever ! When the concert was finished i heard so many other people who thinked the same as me and it was: This was the best concert ever ! KISS IS BEST ! And sorry for my English... I am 13 years old and is from Norway :P GO KISS !

Subject: Consert in Oslo
From: Stian Alexsander on 06/15/2010

I saw you live for the first time in Oslo 14.06. And it was AWSOME!! I stood on the first row, and you kicked ass! It was the greatest day of my life :D I really hope I can get this opportunity again. I love you ! - Stian

Subject: Thank you Kizz!
From: Johan.Sköld on 06/15/2010

Hi Kizz! My name is Johan.Sköld and are a very very big fan of yours! I wanna thank you for coming to Sweden i was actually there and saw you and it was a amazing show! I really really hope you are coming to Sweden again and play. And i promise you ill be there! See you next time!

Subject: Thank you Kiss!
From: Sakke72 on 06/14/2010

Now my Kiss concert European Tour is over, three concerts in three countries, Czech, Finland and Sweden! Thank you Kiss for amazing moments what you offered me and my brother and all Kiss army soldiers! Stockholm was awesome and Tampere even better, Prague was incredible,so wonderful memories and I had a chance to meet you outside of Grand Hotel, Stockholm, you were so nice!

Subject: Stockholm 2010
From: John Persson on 06/13/2010

Hello Kissonline! Last night I was at the Kiss concert in Stockholm and I had a grrreeeeaaaate time!! I've been to many concerts in my life but I thing this was the absolute best one! I loved when they started to play and sing Beth, so beautiful song! :D The end of Rock 'n Rolll All Night were so sad, because I knew that it was the last song! :( But it was the best night of my life!!! John - P.S: It still hurts when I talk because of all the screaming!! :D

From: Helena on 06/12/2010

Thanks for a great show in Stockholm! Simply outstanding! Rock n' roll!

Subject: Sauna-open-air
From: Virpi Leinonen on 06/12/2010

Hi! I am 11 years old girl from Finland. I always dreamed about that I see you and my dream took place 10th of June. I was watching you in Sauna Open Air metal festival in Tampere. Your show was awesome!! You were awesome, everything was perfect! You are the best in the world. I love you!!!!!!

Subject: concert at O2 world
From: Maria on 06/11/2010

Well, I couldn 't imagine how impressive a KISS show would be.... I travelled among several countries from Greece to Germany just for one consert.... Yours concert!!! I m 22 years old and the only thing I really wished was that.... I try hard and it came true. When I arrived to Germany I couldn t believe I was to see you. I was feeling like living in a dream. When the curtains gone down I burst into tears. It was the most magnificent show I have ever seen!!!! Really really thank you for your existence I really really thank you for your music and I honestly beg you to come to Greece just for one concert.... My country really needs your music really needs you!!!!