July 02, 2010
To all of KISS and everyone involved in the Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour!

Back when the KISS European tour was announced late last year, the three of us couldn't of been more excited. We didn't think that we would have the chance to see you in an arena, let alone experience what happened to us throughout the tour!

After being lucky enough to see you at London's Islington Academy that only made us MORE excited to see you throughout the tour and it was definitely one of the best experiences that any of us has ever had.

We had tickets to Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and Wembley and for everyone we were front row with our KISS Army UK banner (even though after Liverpool we had to make a new one as we threw it on stage and Paul and Tommy held it up!). We caught everything from guitar picks to Eric's drumstick to Genes towel covered in the fake blood and it will all be treasured forever :)

We managed to get All Access passes for the Wembley shows and it was more than we could ever of hoped for. Meeting Paul Stanley was a moment that we will never forget and he was so lovely and down to earth - one of rocks greatest front men but also one of the nicest guys on earth.

After 6 AMAZING UK shows we decided that we couldn't get enough of seeing KISS live so traveled to the Czech Republic for one last show in Prague. We left our spot on the front row so we could get backstage and see the guys walking past in their make-up and it was so worth it! Gene grabbed Topaz and licked her face (his tongue really is HUGE!) and after they changed we got photos with Gene and Tommy.

We really need to say thank you to not just the band who were amazing every single show, but to all of the crew that we met. Tim Lougee, Danny Francis, Spiro Papadatos and Doc McGhee to mention just a few were some of the nicest guys we have had the pleasure of meeting and we will remember talking to these guys just as much as we will remember meeting KISS. All of the truck drivers including Harry and Danny were also great and the work that these guys do is just phenomenal! Taking Dawn were so cool too and did a fantastic job of warming the crowd up every night.

It's been almost two months since the Liverpool show and we are still in complete shock over what has happened to us. We really are 3 very very lucky girls!

Thank you so much again, to everyone, we can't wait for next time :)

- Love, Jen, Jazz and Topaz :) xxx