August 12, 2010

So how exactly did last night's Kiss concert go? I'll tell you in this extended review of what may be the biggest hard rock show in Essar Center history!

The concert kicked off in a huge way as Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Tommy Thayer were brought to the stage on a giant platform rotating over Eric Singer's drumkit, as they played the opening strains of "Modern Day Delilah", while what seemed like 1,000 smoke machines billowed smoke all over the stage! Their stage setup is the most elaborate I'd seen ever locally, with tons of video "boxes", a giant video wall, two smaller screens on the sides, high risers for members to climb on, and a giant lit up Kiss logo which Eric Singer drummed on top of! And that's not even describing the special effects and stunts they did! First impressions on seeing Kiss live? Wow. What else can you say, it's KISS!

Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer got vocal moments in the sun, notably with Tommy singing "Shock Me" and Eric singing "Beth"! I gotta say, they both do Ace and Peter justice vocally AND musically, and they sure proved it elsewhere in their solo sections! Tommy can really shred that guitar, and Eric's drum solo was fast and furious, as it should be! If there was lingering resentment from fans towards two new guys in the Spaceman and Catman costumes, then I didn't notice!

During "Deuce", one excitable (and quite drunk) female fan tried to dance with Paul Stanley on the risers beside my section while security repeatedly tried to restrain her, and I'm sure that if given the opportunity, other fans might have tried the same! As it tons of white confetti was blasted out onto the crowd during their closing number, "Rock N' Roll All Night", we celebrated one last time with Kiss at a show we'll surely never forget!

While the metalhead in me still says Heaven and Hell and Megadeth were the best musical show in Essar Center history, Kiss was by far the best single live experience I've seen at the arena, and if you missed it, then you seriously missed out! I have no idea if Kiss will ever be back in the Sault area, but if they do come back, I'll be there!


Despite having to wait almost a year for them to show up, local rock fans got to see the legendary band KISS live in concert at the Essar Centre on Tuesday night... over 4,700 fans jammed the arena and cheered their way through the band's two hour set, which included hits such as Detroit Rock City and Shout It Out Loud.

The stage effects that the band is known for were in full force as well, with pyrotechnics blasting throughout the set, along with the well-known moments when bassist Gene Simmons breathed fire and spit blood.

It wasn't just all the classic hits that KISS performed, as they also played a few numbers from their latest record, 2009's Sonic Boom. In fact, the band opened with Modern Day Delilah, the lead single and track on the album.

Photo by Lucas Punkari for Soo News.