August 19, 2010
Check out these great fan reviews of KISS' Hottest Show on Earth tour! Thanks for sending KISSonline you photos, reviews and comments...keep them coming!

Subject: Kiss
From: Marc on 08/09/2010

Hello. I have been a Kiss fan since 1974. I have seen you guys live startng winter of 76. I was disappointed when Ace and Peter were no longer in the band. The last tour I saw was the Farewell Tour 2004. When Sonic Boom came out I bought it. Wow! I'm an Animal! What a great Kiss sounding album! I went to the Camden N.J. show 8/6/10. I met Tommy Thayer at the merchandise booth. I wanted to chat with him, and ask for an autograph but he was getting noticed. He gave me a pick, took a picture with a young fan and then split. This band is a great sounding band, period! I love Ace and Peter, but wow, you guys killed it! I will continue to see Kiss in concert, and support the band. A I am 46 yer old Kiss fan, and I must admit that this is the best sounding make up era Kiss! The acoustic verson of Beth is better than the recorded one! Tommy and Eric sing so well in the chorus/solo sections of the songs. You guys rock! Thank you for re-inventing the machine.I look forward to a new album and tour. I apologize for being stubborn when you guys first presented Eric and Tommy in make up, and not supporting the tours.I missed out..I won't get fooled again! Hey can you guys do another live era tour?The fans really love that record, and era....Please....... Best Wishes, Marc

Subject: Indiana State Fair Concert
From: Kevin Oliver

Guys, what a tremendous show you entertained us to Monday night. Thank you so much for showing the youth how real legends of rock can put on a show. My first KISS show was over 25 years ago and Monday my 11 year old son witnessed his first ever concert. You definitely set the bar very high for future concerts he will witness. Thank you for putting on a clean, family entertaining, show that will forever be a memory my son and I will cherish. I might add you're support of our hero warriors is awesome, only solidifying why you are truly the best band in the world.

Subject: Great Show
From: scott

Just saw the show last night at the Indiana State Fair and it was awesome! I have been a fan for many years but never had the chance to see you guys until last night. I enjoyed it and consider it the best show I've seen. Thanks for all you do and continue to do. Loved the show.

Subject: Indianapolis KISS concert
From: Vlad hellsing

Hey Guys, Aug. 9th, 2010 was a day that I'll never forget. It seemed as though I was living the film Detroit Rock City, the car broke down 3 times on the way to the show and everything and anything kept getting in my way to get there, but I got there and it was one of the greatest KISS shows that I've ever seen, and I've seen you alot!!!!! (17 times to be exact, now 18.) The shaking of the bleachers as the backdrop showed you guys stomping through the city, each stomp shaking and rumbling like Godzilla about to crush Tokyo. The explosions of fire as you hit the stage and the unstoppable rock n roll which emerged from your instruments was showing every young band out there how it is done, even me whose band is beginning to hit an awesome run with our powerhouse shows and fans ready for something new in the horror shock rock community. I was blown away and I thought I had seen it all having been a KISS fan for a very long time. Boy, I was wrong. You guys are still giving the crowd new surprises and still delievering the goods. Eric's rendition of Beth was great. Tommy's guitar shredding was supurb. Paul's vocals were undeniably rockin'. And Gene's bass solo was the ultimate. After we left the fair grounds, about 35 miles outside of Fort Wayne, the car's radiator exploded. Thank you for an awesome night. All the hell of getting there and getting back home was well worth it. Sincerely, Vlad Hellsing of Atom Age Vampire

Subject: KISS Rocks Buffalo!
From: Dave

KISS took to the stage at the Darien Lake Center (near Buffalo, NY) at 9:00 PM sharp and proceeded to thrill the crowd for the next 2 hours and 15 minutes. No seats were needed for this show ... from the first notes of Modern Day Deliah off of the highly acclaimed SONIC BOOM CD ... the band owned the nearly sold out crowd. Paul Stanley continues to be the ultimate ringmaster of the KISS Circus, Gene was is menacing self, and Tommy and Eric have provided the depth - the energy - that was lacking from the tours with Peter and Ace during those reunion tours. Eric's back ground vocals and stellar drum work have pushed KISS to the next level ... if that's at all possible :) The crowd consisted of three generations ranging in age from 3 to 63. It was a carnival atmosphere and the fans clearly loved this Crazy Crazy Night!

Subject: Jones Beach ROCKED!!!
From: Miss Patti Darling

I just wanted to let you guys know that the show last night in Jones Beach was off the hook!! The set list was just mind blowing and it was great to hear "Beth" being done again.....not just because it's my favorite song either, lol. All in all last nights show was the best early Birthday present a girl could get. I LOVE YOU KISS!!!! Patti Darling, Huntington NY

Subject: Thank You
From: Shannon

I just want to thank you guys for putting on a great concert in Darien Center, NY. I am 32 and went with my 61 year old father who had no idea what to expect. You guys put on a clean fun concert and when you announced your contribution to the wounded warriors foundation you won my dad over even more. There were so many families in the crowd and it was nice to see that there was no swearing or misbehavior coming from you. Thanks again for an awesome concert, def the best I've been to and I can't wait until you come back to Buffalo so I can take my husband and kids. We love KISS in our house.

Subject: Thanks!
From: Margy Azevedo

OMG---How can one put into words the experience of attending a Kiss concert. Well, you canít. Scranton was my third this year and each one was as exhilarating as the last-- I want to especially commend you on your efforts towards the wounded warrior. Itís outstanding what you are doing for them. The pledge of allegiance was an emotional asset to add to your show Each time I placed my hand over my heart, looked at everyone in the audience and saw EVERYONE doing the same, watching KISS up here leading the pledge made my eyes tear up and a lump appear in my throat. We truly live in the best county and thank you for making people see that. Your shows are worth every single penny. Itís what Rock is all about. My Kiss Army member boyfriend had tears in his eyes as he said ďI think this will be my last Kiss concert because I donít think theyíll make it back to Scranton againĒ. Hereís hoping he is wrong. You have a tremendous amount of fans here in Scranton, PA. Again. There are no words to describe the a KISS concert. You just have to experience it! Thanks for the experiences; they were all so worth it!!! Margy Azevedo, Scranton PA

Subject: Indianapolis Concert 2010
From: Bertrand Dwight Masa

I just wanted to thank you for such a great show in Indianapolis, Indiana in which I will never forget. I am originally from Chicago but now live in Southern Illinois and the two hour drive to the Concert was so worth it. Gene and Paul are always awesome and Tommy and Eric also were just amazing and exciting in their performances and hearing an acoustic version of, "Beth" was an awesome surprise. There were a lot of teens there and people in their 20's as well as the earlier fans and it was great and exciting to see that KISS still hasn't lost their touch who draws and excites all ages with your Music. The younger crowd even knew the words and our whole side and section was loud and rowdy for our Generals in the Kiss Army. Thank You for the hard work you do in providing an A+ high quality, Mega show for your fans....You are appreciated as a band and as great people. Sincerely, Bert

Subject: Darien Lake Show
From: Elliott Mattice

KISS, Your band has been part of my life for over 30 years, but for one reason or another I had never been able to catch you live. Last Friday I after all these years I was BLOWN AWAY by KISS. We wanted the BEST, we GOT THE BEST ten times over! To finally hear the songs I've loved for years, the see the insane spectacle of your live show, was easily the best concert I have EVER seen.

Subject: Kiss- Minot State Fair
From: James Kessel

I am a devoted Kiss fan for 30 years and have seen them play live now 7 times and i just wish i could have seen them more. Everytime i am amazed at something new i see from them, whether its some of the classics from the 70's or a suprise song from the 80's and even 90' as they did here and the North Dakota State Fair by playing God Gave Rock n Roll To You, which was awesome! Or the current songs Modern Day Delilah or Say Yeah. Kiss just keeps proving to all other bands that they just dont compare or even come close. You guys give us something is return for our buck and that is what is missing in this day and era. This town will not forget the night you lit up their skies. Kiss will live FOREVER!!!!

Subject: KISS concert, Minot, ND
From: Bonnie

I was at the KISS concert in Minot, ND. At first I didn't think I even wanted to go but my husband had already bought tickets. I can tell you right now that this was THE BEST CONCERT BAR NONE I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot. The pyrotechnics were awesome, the fireworks, the notice paid to our military, not to mention the donation, and the CONFETTI was the icing on the cake. I was also pleased and almost shocked that there was no foul language during this concert. KISS - you should be PROUD! I am proud to now call myself a huge fan of KISS. God bless all of you. I took TONS of pictures!!

Subject: Minot State Fair
From: Sandy Kunz

Just wanted to say what an AMAZING show KISS put on at the Minot State Fair . . . I have never seen anything like it. Everybody should take the opportunity to see this show, you can't truly believe how great it is unless you see it in person. INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE!!

Subject: Hershey PA Show
From: Paul Hoy

Fist let me say that show was -BALLS OUT -OVER THE TOP -EPIC -ROCK AND ROLL I have seen KISS 9 times going all the way back to the late 70's, and this was BY FAR the best show I have ever seen. I took my 17 year old nephew to his first ever concert and had to apologize to him on the way home. I told him any concert he ever goes to from now on will just be some guys standing on a stage playing music. Thanx for such a great show guys. See you next year!!! BTW Caught this shot of Gene at the show in Hershey, 7/31/2010

Subject: Hershey, PA
From: Vickersjc

After 30+ years in the making and being a long time fan....I have finally got the opportunity to see you guys in concert. I just want to say it was nothing short of an amazing experience!!. You guys absolutely give the fans the hottest show on Earth!!.... Even moreso.....My daughter has become a big KISS fan as well and I was able to share the experience of my first KISS show as well as it being her first rock concert....something she will always remember.!! I want to also thank you for your contribution to the Wounder Warrior Foundation. Having just retired from the US Army after 21 years and with multiple deployments overseas, I have seen this organization benefit the troops first hand.....Keep rocking and keep up the great work! I Look forward to seeing your show again on August 17th in Saratoga, NY.....God Bless each and every one of you!! Thank you for what you do!!

Subject: My 1st KISS concert
From: Dea Lowe

Dear KISS, I have been a fan since I was a teenager. I am now 40 and husband surprised me with tickets for the Hershey, PA show. I was so excited to finally be able to see you LIVE! Behind my marriage and the birth of my two children, it was one the most exciting moments of my life. My only regret was not dragging my 16 year-old daughter with me. She would have had a blast! If I didn't see it, I wouldn't have believed you "Old School Rockers" could look so amazing, sound so current, and outperform any band out there today! It was a pleasure to be a part of the HOTTEST SHOW ON EARTH! I won't rest until my daughter is singing.."I was made for lovin' you Baby..". Attached is a picture I took of Paul during the concert! I must say, still lookin' hot at 57! Thanks for making me feel 16 again! Have a safe tour, Dea Lowe, Dillsburg, PA

Subject: Camden,
From: Jared Wood

Dear KISS, I just want to thank you for coming back to the Philadelphia area last night. What an awesome experience it was to see you again. What made it all the more better was the fact that I got to see you this time with my 10 yr old daughter. It was her 1st time seeing you guys and she had the best time of her life. She was standing on her seat the whole time yelling and screaming and having a blast. Gene you are her favorite and seeing you blow fire, spit blood and fly up to the ceiling had her jaw on the floor. I absolutely loved the duel solo with Tommy and Eric..You guys are awesome!! And Paul you are the greatest front man in the history of Rock!!! I can't wait for the next time you guys are in this area. You can bet that my daughter and I will be sitting there Rockin and Rollin all Night and Partyin Everyday!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Subject: Camden, NJ
From: Matt Albert

Hey guys, gotta say for my third KISS show, it just gets better and better. Every song picked was perfect. It was also my friend's first show....he was/still is stunned! Thanks for coming back to the area. Rock On. Philly/Camden loves YOU!

Subject: Cincinnati Concert
From: PDBR

My family and I attended the Cincinnati show and WOW!!! What a great show it was!! My 6 year old son has been a fan since the age of 2. He is definatley a TRUE KISS fan now. We are hoping to get a copy of the show. It was available the night of the concert so I am hoping there is still a way to purchase one. I am so glad we got the opportunity to be there. My husband and I have been fans for 30 years.

Subject: 1st Kiss Concert with Son
From: Mark S

This is a picture of my son Justin after the Kiss concert in Hershey, Pa. He is holding his Kiss hat with confetti and we even got some with Gene's Blood by leaning over the rail. I have been a fan since 1976 when I was 9 years old, My son is 8 and we were in row 6 right in front of Gene. What a concert, we loved it and my son and I will never forget going to this show. Thanks guys for letting me share a father/son moment that will last long after I'm gone....

Subject: next generation rocker
From: Tony Daniels on 08/05/2010

On July 30th, I took my 8 year son to see the "HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD" for my 12th time and the show was absolutely awsome.You guys rocked the river in Cinci once again.Now my son, Jason, is a KISS fan forever.He has already confiscated half of my KISS cd's and dvd's and has spent a large amount of his time since the show listening to and watching the dvd's. I could not ask for a better band for him do listen to.Hope to see you guys out on tour to promote the new album next year. KEEP ROCKIN"!!!!!!!

Subject: New Family Tradition
From: RMackey

Dear KISS: Just wanted to share a new family tradition with you. After being a huge kiss fan for over 30 years, I just recently took my children to their first KISS concert in Pittsburgh. They were blown away by the show!!!! I knew they would be entertained, but I had no idea they would be talking about the show for days afterward. My daughter is 19 years old and an avid music junky. After the show she downloaded my entire KISS itunes library. She was especially impressed that all members of the band sang during the show. Both of my kids are asking when the next KISS show will be. They agree, KISS is the "Hottest Show on Earth!". They finally understand their Dad's obsession with the band for all these years. It was a great moment for me!!! My wife, daughter and son are pictured. Thanks for rocking the world the way you do!!!! Fans Forever!!

Subject: Hershey concert
From: Emily

My husband is a fan, but I didn't know many songs at all. He really wanted to see you in concert, so we bought tickets for the Hershey show on 7/31. KISS was awesome and the show was wonderful! I am now a fan and would recommend that everyone see at least one KISS show in their life. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to go, too.

Subject: My boyfriend wanted the best and he got it!
From: Chris Panza on 08/01/2010

I wanted to thank you for my 6th absolutely fabulous KISS show! I picked up my 1st KISS album when I was 7 in 1978 (it was my 1st musical purchase) and have been a fan ever since. Last night was my boyfriends 1st ever KISS concert. He is 13 years my junior and is used to todays "concerts". His 1st reaction when I asked him what he had thought of a real concert was "I feel like I should have paid them more to see that! It's the best concert I've ever seen" Thank you for showing younger generations what concerts are really supposed to be like! Oh and before I go......YOU LET ERIC SING BETH!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! He did it proud! Love you guys!

Subject: Hell of a show
From: carrie

Last night was one Hell of a show in Cincinnati ohio. I had the best time with my kids. I was hopping you would have played Shandi. I have no voice left after last night.... Thank you again for 35 years of ROCK AND ROLL. Maybe you might make a stop in DAYTON and I will be there for that one to... I can't wait to see you again... Love all of you!!!!! p.s Gene thanks for having your bus out front for all of us to see..... Paul never stop shaking your ASS.. Eric they need to let you keep singing BETH Great . Tommy you Rock your ASS off. ROCK AND ROLL FOR LIFE !!!!!

Subject: blown away
From: james the new fan

I'm 58 and started watching Gene,s family jewels, decided to go to concert in Pittsburgh and check it out. I was blown away, what a show!!! I am now a Kiss fan for life, Keep rockin. thanks James

Subject: I wanted the best, I got the best
From: Charlie Epperly

Gene, Paul, Tommy, guys ROCK! The show was fantastic as usual, and you keep "raising the bar"...worth every penny. You've blown away Pittsburgh twice in the last 8 months. Come back and do it again soon!

Subject: wifes first Kiss concert
From: Brad

My wife and kids bought me tickets to the concert at the Comcast Center in Mansfield Ma.My wife,not being a big fan knew a few of the songs previous to the show. She said to me after the show that it was One Hell Of A Show. I told her that they were going to Mohegan Sun in Ct to play and she asked me how long it would take to get there. I think we're gonna need a Doctor cuz she has caught the Kiss bug..... LOL. Keep On Rockin' you guys are the best.