September 30, 2010
To the Band Members of KISS:

It was by chance that I was in attendance at last night's KISS concert in San Antonio. A relative had tickets & asked me to come along at the last minute - literally! I was feeling really down & didn't want to go because my husband is deployed to Iraq (yes, he is one of the Soldiers that remains after the drawdown) & we are approaching the halfway mark of the deployment....I don't like doing things like this without him, particularly when he is sacrificing his freedom so that I can have mine. I was so moved when you did the tribute to the troops. When Paul Stanley said that the troops may not hear the message that America thanks them & had the crowd pledge allegiance to the flag, I cried. I want KISS to know that the troops in Iraq DID hear your message because I passed it along to my husband when I spoke to him today & asked to to share it with everyone he works with. He said that it is great to know that at least KISS didn't forget about them, when it seemingly appears everyone else has. Thank you for your continued support of our US Armed Forces! Hooah!

Proud Army Wife of a Deployed Soldier

Last night in San Antonio when you presented the check, I was crying so much. I was in the Navy and I was in a war time situation and really do not talk about anything to anyone, because I do not like to remember. What you guys did last night was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. You are a TRUE AMERICAN ROCK BAND who cares about our country and our counties veterans. God Bless you guys for that. I wish all celebrities would take a note from the," BOOK OF KISS" and focus on this country the way you all do. From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my father who was a war time vet, my brother who was a war time vet, and my grandfather who I never met because he was MIA in WWII, we want to thank you for the wonderful gift you are giving to our country. I would fight all over again if I could, if it meant defending such amazing guys like you. You have my heart for now and forever, for being amazing and true to your country. The country I was so proud to defend," The United States of America" I am honored to say I was alive in a war time situation when KISS was a rock band. Again Thank you so very much and God Bless from me and my family who have served since the beginning.

Love your newest fan, Blue

So I was looking through Facebook and came across your live show!! My husband is with the 101st air borne div. in Fort Campbell, KY and is a huge fan of KISS!! With him deployed right now I had to watch so I could tell him about it!!! Every time you guys have been in TN he has been over seas... I've never seen a KISS show before... I have to say you guys did great! Maybe we can see a concert when he returns home... It would be awesome if KISS could come to Fort Campbell!!! Right at the end when Paul said the Pledge of Allegiance I cried so hard... I can't even explain the warm feeling I got from that =) It made me feel good, and that's not a feeling I get very often since he has been gone...It was so refreshing to know that the men he idolizes support his job. Your music has got him through so many deployments and I cant tell you have thankful I am for that. Please keep the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade in your prayers... God Bless our TROOPS and God Bless KISS for standing behind them!

Laura Hyatt Fort Campbell, KY


The show in Frisco was my second KISS concert. I never thought I was a fan. But my husband took me to a show in Austin a few months back and I loved it. After Saturday night, I am more than just a KISS fan. I realized that this band is truly committed to the American soldier. When Paul came onstage waving a huge American flag and talking about soldiers returning broken in body and spirit, it made me remember my husband coming home. When he led the crowd of men my dad's age in biker jackets, active duty soldiers, like my husband, and kids my daughter's age (some in KISS makeup) in the pledge of allegiance, I was touched beyond words. I looked at my husband and saw tears. The gratitude from soldiers and their families for that HUGE check is immeasurable. But it does not compare to a band showing a big crowd what it means to be patriotic. Our American heroes do not get the thanks they deserve often enough. It is awesome that KISS took the time to demonstrate to everyone that they deserve it. I am now a life long KISS fan. Thanks for a great show and a gesture that I will never forget. I know the wounded warriors here, at Fort Hood will appreciate every penny. KISS, you rock in every way!

Thank you from a military wife and her family.

What an awesome show at The Woodlands Pavilion in Houston on 9/17/2010. It could not have been better with the meet and greet that my daughter and I got to do. She has been waiting for this since June 2010 while she was in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne 504th combat battalion when she learned KISS was coming back to Houston. You could not ask anything more of these guys in what they are doing for the wounded warriors and the support they have for all of our armed forces at home and overseas. It makes me proud to see them hold the American flag high and remember the cost of freedom and do the Pledge of Allegiance at the concert. My father was in the marines in World War II and I now have a daughter and 2 son in laws in the army, all of whom I am very proud of. My daughter was able to get guitar picks and a drum stick from the whole band during the concert making it more memorable for both of us. Thank you KISS for a night without compare for a concert so enjoyable and awesome that it makes a life long memory for my daughter and I. KISS is the best and unbeatable. I hope to be able to do it again the next tour.

Sincerely, Robert T.

I would like to say thank you to you guys for all the help you are doing with the wounded warrior care project. As a currently serving Airman in the United States Air Force, it is amazing to see my fav band supporting us during this time. I play your CDs in my shop every night I work, its great to see the guys I work with sing the songs when they come in for tools. Your songs also help make the 12 hour shift go by faster. Keep up the amazing work you guys are doing and keep on rocking!

Hooah! A1C Justin Schmidt