November 06, 2010
Move over Justin Bieber - Scotland's 12-year-old rock star, Kieran Robertson, would rather listen to Kiss

Many children idolise Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, but not so many would name Paul Stanley, the anti-drugs rhythm guitarist of glam-rock super group Kiss, as their hero. Yet this is who 12-year-old Kieran Robertson wants to be.

"Kiss put on a great show and that's definitely the thing I'd like to do," said Kieran. "They have fireworks and jump about. Paul Stanley, my idol, doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink, he flies into the audience because he believes the audience and the band should be one, which is also what I think.

"A lot of people find it nervous to jump about on stage but I'm the opposite - I find it nervous to just stand still. A few people will think you're an idiot but the other five hundred think: 'This kid's pretty cool'. Once you've got a few of the girls pointing at people, you know, it pays off later."


Kieran's road to rock stardom began at an Iron Maiden concert when he sat atop his dad's shoulders in the centre of a mosh-pit. The band's guitarist pointed right at him and he knew then what his future held. His band, Juniors Wailing, have now played in front of 3,400.

"I got my first ever guitar when I was about five," he told The Hour. "I started playing when I was about seven and at first I was thinking I'll never be able to do this, it was taking for ages, but I had a lot of patience and my dad taught me up until whatever he knew.

"First I just strummed and made noise until I could play a few chords, then you pick up a lot of stuff after you know a wee bit. You can't be a rock star without learning to play guitar."