March 14, 2011
by: Rolando Lugo

Last night legendary rockers, KISS, played for the third time in their almost 40 years career in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As expected they presented a music spectacle that blew the fans out of their seats. With a modest stage in contrast to their 1999 Psycho Circus concert, KISS didn’t use all their show antics like in previews dates for the Hottest Show On Earth 2010 Tour. Paul didn’t flew over the audience, Gene didn’t levitated during the bass solo and sang up in the lighting trust and risers weren’t used during the opening entrance of “Modern Day Delilah”; but they weren’t needed at all. Paul’s showmanship and stage moves kept the audience connected and energized at all times. He even spoke a couple of sentences in fluid Spanish. Gene electrified the audience with his demonic antics and outrageous performance. Eric and Tommy offered solid musical performances as well and showed they belonged to the band as much as any other past member. The show felt like a cross between a stadium concert because of the explosions and pyrotechnics with a small theater vibe.

Maybe KISS hasn’t visit Puerto Rico as much as fans have wished for, but each past performance holds a magic of his own and will always be dearly treasured. KISS visited Puerto Rico for the first time during the Asylum Tour in January 1986 with Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick. And in 1999 they came back with the original members for a date of the Psycho Circus Tour. Past and presents members like Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer, respectively, have also visited the island as special guests for the Puerto Rico KISS Expo 2001 and 2002 editions as well as other KISS related events.

In general terms, KISS offered an awesome performance at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum leaving older fans pretty satisfied and new ones (younger generations) in a shock and awe state. Once again KISS literally showed how the big boys do it, overshadowing many modern rock bands and silly pop acts. KISS claimed their undisputed place, not only in rock music but in pop culture as well.