March 16, 2011
By Jill Cataldo for KISSonline
Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSonline

It was a night in KISStory like no other.

On March 15th, KISS invaded RodeoHouston. A crowd of 75,000 screaming fans packed the Reliant Stadium to witness KISS rocking on the arena's 360-degree rotating stage.

Playing an hour-long setlist filled with KISS classics, the band brought their signature sound, songs, and stage show to Houston... with a few differences from the "traditional" KISS concert fans may have expected.

-KISS arrived at the stage in a caravan of golf carts, to thunderous applause from the audience.
-Because of the rotating stage's setup, there was no giant KISS logo sign present.
-There were no pyrotechnics on the stage either. (Instead, pyro was set up throughout the arena on the stadium floor.)
-Eric sang "Beth" while standing behind the drum kit.
-The guys played "Beth" on electric guitars with the distortion turned off, instead of acoustics.
- There was no confetti during "Rock and Roll All Night." (Confetti and the rodeo's dirt floor do not mix.)
- Despite being an indoor arena, an enormous indoor fireworks display followed the show, including many deafening aerial displays that filled the room with sound, smoke, and explosions.

And yet, this show was one of the most memorable and unique KISS concerts in memory. KISS looked great, sounded phenomenal, and did what they do best -- entertained an enormous crowd of fans who rocked, sang along, and immersed themselves in the KISS experience. Near the end of the show, Paul Stanley led the massive audience in saying the Pledge of Allegiance, giving a heartfelt salute to the U.S. troops.

Even before KISS's show began, RodeoHouston was filled with surprises. During the rodeo itself, many of the rodeo clowns in the ring wore KISS makeup. Celebrities in the audience included Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz of the History Channel's "American Pickers," who were seen rocking out near the stage.

And the crowd? Absolutely deafening. 75,000 people singing in unison are LOUD!

As the concert ended, we overheard many in the audience saying that this was the first KISS show they attended... and it certainly wouldn't be their last.

While the crowd headed toward the exits, the arena's announcer boomed, "Texas... you have been entertained! If there is one person in here whose heart rate has not doubled... you missed it. Ladies and gentlemen, the tribute from KISS to America, to the armed forces, to the United States flag, to the Pledge of Allegiance, is priceless. Now tell them about your love for this band!"

And the cheers erupted into thunderous applause.

KISS at the rodeo? So much fun!