April 03, 2011
Wow, where to begin?! Very few times in my life have I felt so compelled to show such immense appreciation for something; this is one of those times, as our family has been so impacted by KISS. My husband and I have always loved the music, but our boys have taken it to another level.

At 14 and 11, Weston and Noah are by far the most knowledgeable, intense fans. I have never been so proud of their achievements and dreams; you gave that to them. At the age of 2 Weston was diagnosed with Congenital Hypatic Fibrosis, leaving him limited on what he can physically do, but most importantly limited on what his future may hold. Weston can play his guitar like nothing else; a natural. He leaves us speechless at each talent show... as he is playing yet another KISS song he has mastered.

Noah, not only our drummer, but our writer... was able to get Gene Simmons into his school's hall of fame. Gene is next to Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, and Joan of Arc. How a 5th grader can persuade an elementary school is beyond me. When Noah and Weston were toddlers, rocking out to God of Thunder in there car seats, I thought how cute. I see now that the "phase" is not passing, but growing and becoming a lifestyle.

You KISS, have given Noah and Weston passion, perseverance, and a genuine love for not only music but for themselves and what they can do with the music. Thank you... Dwaine and I could not have done that... and we would not have the out of this world children that we have. We are counting down the days until Moondance Jam for our 3rd KISS concert, with our boys!

Again, thank you...

Dana Henson