August 03, 2011
Here is our wedding story . . .

My wife Tina and I have known each other since May, 2005. We took a journey to Italy with the German-Italian Culture Club where my Uncle is President. There (Italy) we did some sightseeing, and took some bus trips, etc. As we parted ways, we promised to keep in contact, but as you guessed, it never happened . . . until November. Tina then contacted my Aunt, she contacted my Mom, and then contacted me. Needless to say, I was very happy :-) Tina and I then went out on a date to the cinema, to see Harry Potter. One thing led to another, and we’ve been in a relationship since that day.

I was a KISS Fan since 1987 (Crazy Nights) but the first chance I had to see them was the Reunion Tour in `96/`97 where I went to Zurich/Switzerland twice and Stuttgart/Germany. Then came the Psycho Circus Tour, and I saw them again in Germany.

There was then a long absence in Europe until 2008 - ALIVE 35 Tour. Tina and I booked a “Meet & Greet” in Stuttgart/Germany and we’re very excited to see Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy in person!!! And then it happened, the day came, and we were ready for the boys. Sad to say that Tina became ill and had to stay in a wheelchair for a small period of time, but guess what happened at the Meet & Greet?

KISS kneeled before my wife, and signed the wheelchair!!! What a great thing to see :-)

So the connection between me, my wife, and KISS is clear to see I guess.

The next time we saw them was when I bought the Gene Simmons AXE Bass in Zurich/Switzerland. I ordered it online, and want to meet Gene backstage prior to the show. And that’s exactly that happened. It was May 16th (I remember it well because that was the day Ronnie James DIO passed - R.I.P). The host’s name was Paul, and he met us near the Gene Simmons AXE Bus to lead us to the backstage area. And there we were - we got our AXE Bass signed by Gene, and talked a little, and joked. As we left the signing room Doc McGhee crossed our way and I asked him for an upgrade to the big “Meet & Greet” with the whole band . . . and he did it! So we had our second meeting with Gene and the band. That day I took home 11 items signed by all the band members, and especially by Gene!

But what is this all about in hindsight, relative to our wedding? Tina and I wanted to give each other a present on our wedding day. So I had this funny idea to record "Christine Sixteen" for her, and I went into our studio (I’m in a rock band and play drums actually). It took me a while to sing it properly, but it came out fine :-) Our keyboardist then designed a booklet and it looked professional. Two days prior to our wedding, we couldn’t wait any longer, and decided to give each other our presents . . .

So what did I get? Tina had the same idea, and went to a musician she knew and recorded "Forever" for me! :-) We both laughed and cried about these crazy ideas we had, and neither of us knew anything about the other . . . So we took "Forever" as our wedding song. It is inscribed on our wedding bands, and was played live in the church by a music buddy that I have.

Two more little stories about us and KISS - the first would be the “Meet & Greet” with Ace Frehley in Luzern/Switzerland. There was a professional photographer there to take photos, but we refused him, and as we were in line, our camera became damaged :-( The pro had since gone, and we only got one bad photo from this happening.

The next “Meet & Greet” was with ESP in Pratten/Switzerland. We had sound check (very funny) with the whole band, and then had many items autographed by all band members. Tina and I then went outside to get something for dinner. When we returned, Bruce Kulick came to us to ask if we knew of any places for his girlfriend to stay for the night! Tina and I only got a cab with two seats, and so I joked to Bruce, "take her to IKEA - they have lots of nice beds"! Bruce smiled, and told me how funny that was. I then asked a buddy of mine, and later found out that he took her home! :-)

This is a loooooong story, but I hope it will help you get an inside look of Tina’s, and my life, and how it felt to be us with KISS! We would be glad if you could post this on KISS Online.

So we’ll see you on August 13th at your 5th Anniversary Party - where we’ll get to meet Eric and Tommy again! :-)

Greetz from Switzerland, and keep Rockin’ and Rollin’ All Nite . . .
. . . And Drink Rockuccino’s All Day! :-)))

Andy & Tina