August 18, 2011
Here are a few more photos from Saturday's 5th Anniversary Party at the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach.

Photos by Eric McKenna for KISSOnline & the KISS Coffeehouse.

From the fans:

As soon as I heard that Tommy & Eric were going to be at the KISS Coffeehouse at Myrtle Beach, I had to get tix for my 9 yr. old daughter Megan.....she is infatuated with KISS & just loves I thought it was only fitting to let her meet some of her idols. Despite the heat, the lines & the rain....we had a blast. Tommy & Eric were the nicest guys.....they took the time to talk to everyone & ask questions....they signed everything you had & asked about some of the items. My daughter took two pictures we shot at the Bushkill Falls concert on 07/13/2011 & had them sign. She told Tommy that she got one of his pick from the concert & was going to frame it with the photo. Thanks KISS Coffeehouse, Tommy, & Eric for some really fantastic memories.

Jody Hendricks

On 8/13/2011, we took a mini vacation to Myrtle Beach,SC to attend the 5th Anniversary of the KISS Coffeehouse. I brought my 1978 KISS Mego Dolls to have signed by Eric and Tommy. I would like to thank them very much for taking there time to meet me,my husband,and our daughter during the photo. This was her 1st KISS event and she was very excited and it was a long day out for her. Thank you again for signing a piece of my collection. Now I only need Paul Stanley to sign his Mego doll.

Kathy,Dean & Kayla Papasso

This past Friday the 12th My boyfriend and myself Drove over 18 hours from Concord, New Hampshire to meet Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer... I purchased these tickets because he has been a fan since he was 7 years old, I only the other hand recently became a fan when Gene Simmons family Jewels stated on TV. I am currently disabled due to major back problems and really shouldn't do stuff like this... I know I will suffer for the next few days for it, however it was so worth it to see him this happy... he does absolutely everything for me and I was very grateful to Tommy and Eric. They are such nice guys and it made the trip all that much more worth it. I just want to say Thank you again Tommy and Eric for this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity as well as to the entire kiss band for being incredible enough to make my boyfriend remain a fan for 33 years of his life...

Star Kimani

Just wanted to send a Big KISS.....out to Eric....and Tommy for a great day spent....with them at the KISS Coffee House in Myrtle Beach. It was great to finally meet them....they were sooooo approachable...and gave everyone their full attention. To know to Love them....Thanks for the opportunity....I Love You....Both!

Love Molly ;)