June 01, 2012
Eric Singer is one of the hardest working musicians in the world of rock music. From working with Alice Cooper, Brian May, and twenty years with KISS, Eric has made quite the name for himself. No matter how in-demand this incredible musician may be, he always takes time to talk to diehard KISS fans (like me) every chance he gets! Today, I am proud to present to you my chat with Eric Singer as we talked about his first album, Revenge, as well as KISS' new studio album, Monster, slated for release this fall! Enjoy!

Eric, I appreciate you taking time to talk to me today. I thought it would be cool to not only look at the past but into the future as well. First, let's go back to 1992....the year of Revenge. This was undoubtedly an exciting time to be a KISS fan: A heavier album and even a darker choice of wardrobe. The 1980's were clearly a thing of the past. My first question is what was it like entering the studio to work with Bob Ezrin? Being a fan of Alice Cooper and KISS in your teenage years plus working with these two bands had to make it very exciting for you?

ES: Getting to record and work with Bob Ezrin was a high water mark for me. He is really great and fun as well as a genius or sorts. It was a very exciting time for me as I was influenced by KISS & Alice Cooper in my formative years for sure.

I've read stories from both Ace Frehley and Bruce Kulick that Ezrin could really crack the whip and take on the role of head coach when it came to working in the recording studio. Do you recall any of those experiences during the recording of Revenge?

ES: I worked with my Father in his band as a kid, so I was used to this type personality and taskmaster ! I just remember Bob was very intense and made you dig inside for things you may not know you were able to produce. A true master.

What do you remember about recording the music video for Unholy, your first video as a member of KISS? I imagine there was some excitement among the members of the band due to the strength of the material on that album. You guys were clearly firing on all cylinders at this point in Kisstory.

ES: It was all new to me working with Gene & Paul in KISS. Remember I had worked with Paul on his solo tour in 1989. But this was not the same now. More was expected and in KISS you have to work yourself into their world and vibe. Something that was established many years before. These guys are masters at what they do and know how to get it done. The video was great and set a "tone" for REVENGE that I think many fans loved and still cherish today.

What is your favorite song on the album and why?

ES: I guess Unholy or Heart of Chrome. Love the heavy side of KISS !

Eric, not only are you known as one of rock's best drummers, but you are a great vocalist. Was there any talk of giving you a song to sing on Revenge, or were you solely focused on the drums? Also, did you contribute any background vocals to the album?

ES: Thank You ! It was not known to the guys that I even sang at all during Revenge sessions. But, I did contribute song gang vocals on a few tracks I remember.

After 20 years, how does Revenge hold up for you today?

ES: I think Bruce put it best in a recent interview, I wouldn't change a thing about it. All the songs hold up today and the production brought across a heaviness and power. No remix needed here!

How do you feel about the Revenge tour and the recording of KISS Alive III? I've heard that the band wasn't happy with the final mix of the album, how do you feel about that? What could have been better in your opinion?

ES: The band played really great "live" but that was not captured in the recording process due to technical issues that reared their head after the fact in the mixing process. Bottom line, we just were not recorded very well. Everyone did their best to make the best out of it and ALIVE III still ended up ok.

Now let's look at 2009's Sonic Boom, the first KISS album in 11 years. Was there a renewed excitement by the band when you entered the recording studio? I imagine there were many ideas and concepts being thrown around by everyone.

ES: Yes! For sure, we all were excited and inspired after great tours in the U.S. & Europe. I think I was very surprised that KISS would ever make "new" music again. It just goes to show that when you have good chemistry and all get along in a band the creative juices begin to flow again and that led to Sonic Boom.

What's it like working with Paul Stanley as a producer? How does he differ from a producer like Bob Ezrin?

ES: KISS has made records both ways. Paul Stanley has been there for every single KISS record from day one.
I think he knows what KISS music should sound like better than anyone. At this point in the band there probably isn't a reason for an outside producer. And I have to mention that Paul has really learned to be very patient and deliberate in his aproach to dealing with all of us band members during the recording process. His "people skills" have grown to a place that makes him the best Captain for this ship.

Now, let's talk about Monster! This is an album that is highly anticipated by KISS fans around the world. What can we expect from this album? I've heard Gene mention that is sounds like a cross between "Revenge" and "Destroyer". Paul has also mentioned that the album is "Sonic Boom on steroids".

ES: Everyone wants to make reference to past records or sounds. I will just say that MONSTER stands on it's own.The fans decide what they like anyways...and I think you will all have very big smiles on your faces after hearing it!

Did everyone have a hand in writing the new material for the album? Also, did the band look at some of their previous demos and song ideas in preparation for writing the songs to be included on Monster? I know that Gene has done this in the past.

ES: All new riffs and music for MONSTER. No old demos or retreads here. It was a total band effort .

ell us a little about The Tour with Motley Crue. How are preparations coming for the show? Also, are there any talks of debuting a new song from Monster during the tour? That's something us KISS fans would love to hear!

ES: All of this is in the works at the time of this writing. Go see "THE TOUR" for yourselves and you will not be disappointed !

Eric, thanks for taking the time to talk KISS with us. I'll let you have the last word.

ES: As always, The KISS Fans are fantastic and the reason why we continue to make music and perform all over the World. See you all on tour! Peace!