April 10, 2006
From: By: Thomas S. Orwat, Jr. One of my favorite artists that you have worked with is Paul Stanley of KISS. You worked with him on his soon-to-be-released solo record, right? Yes, I did. I played almost all the leads on his record. I also played some rhythm guitar. That was a really great experience. He was totally fun to hang out with and he was funny. I meet him before briefly but never spent any time with him, so I didn't know what he was like or what to expect. But he turned out to be a great guy to be around. And the music is very cool. What does it sound like? Well, I'm younger, so I think that he brought me in because he wanted it to sound more like modern rock. If it does sound like Kiss, it's because it's Paul Stanley. But it's modern rock, it does have some heavy tunes and a couple of laid back ballads. But overall it sounds very modern. Click here to read the whole article: