May 25, 2006
KISSONLINE'S photographer Al Soluri was on hand to capture these great photos as KISS rocked the Mandalay Bay Events Center Tuesday night, rehearsing for tonight's ROCK HONORS show. KISSONLINE also caught up with Paul for a quick question: KOL: Peter Criss recently said that ROCK HONORS is honoring the original KISS, is that true? PAUL: No, it's not true. I have been part of meetings from the day VH1 first had the idea to do this. I can tell you that ROCK HONORS is celebrating and honoring KISS, Queen, Judas Priest and Def Leppard for their enduring and sustained impact on the world of rock, it's fans and other bands. There is actually not one band being honored that is playing with, or has in it's lineup, all it's original members. I hope Peter feels tremendous pride and satisfaction at this honor that he's a part of. His contribution has been huge and he deserves it. Who could argue that? But his statement is unfounded, untrue and the reasoning for making it, is obvious. For all our accomplishments together, I toast him in his absence in Vegas. KISSONLINE will have part 3 of the recent Paul Stanley interview posted on Saturday. Paul told us some major news!! Thursday we are doing an interview with Gene to run in the next few weeks. We will also cover tomorrow night's ROCK HONORS and plan on posting some photos right after the show. So stay tuned to best source in KISS news!