May 26, 2006
Exclusive update: KISS rocked the Mandalay Bay events center again tonight, this time in full make up and costume and with enough bombs, pyro and fireworks to fill a normal length KISS concert. KISS opened their high energy VH1 ROCK HONORS set with "Detroit Rock City", before tearing through "Deuce" and "Love Gun". The band with in fine form and the crowd responded in a big way. After KISS finished their scheduled set, all the members of the evenings other honorees, QUEEN, Judas Priest and Def Leppard, as well as ACE FREHLEY, joined KISS on stage for a final bow. What a sight to see, four legendary bands together on stage at the same time! Ace jumped on Gene's back and hugged Paul, Eric and Tommy. The bands received a well deserved lengthy standing ovation as Paul told the crowd it was an honor to share the stage with these bands. Then unexpectedly KISS decided to play one more song. They performed "Makin' Love" to the delight of the crowd who were not ready to leave! Eric told us the unscheduled song caused a minor problem for him, since he was wearing his boots when KISS decided to do another song. Eric said he just took off his boots and socks quickly and played "Makin' Love" barefoot! Right before the KISS set an ALL STAR band featuring Ace, Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, Scott Ian, Gilby Clarke and Slash, ripped through a brutal version of "God of Thunder" honoring KISS. Backstage after the set, KISS and the other honorees, including Ace, were given their ROCK HONORS rings. What an incredible time it was in that area as Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy mingled with the other honorees. KISS posed for photos with ACE and Judas Priest and then Paul posed for pictures with Ace, Rob Zombie and members of the Foo Fighters. You literally could not move without bumping into a member of one of these great bands and the conversations were priceless as the bands discussed their historic pasts. VH1 did a tremendous job with their ROCK HONORS and the event properly honored four bands that changed rock and roll forever!! Do not miss VH1's broadcast of the show on next week!!