May 30, 2006
There's a great article on the ROCK HONORS show over at Classic Rock Revisited, as Jeb Wright recounts his trip to Vegas! Below are some quotes about KISS from his story and two of their cool backstage photos. We've also added a few KISSONLINE photos from the Red Carpet (actually black). Rob Zombie reminded us of who we were and where we came from when he declared, "I bought Kiss Destroyer when I was just a little kid. I saw it on the shelves and I bought it based on the cover only – I didn't know what it was. Kiss, along with Alice Cooper, went on to be my biggest influences." The band that drew Vince Neil out of his lavish Las Vegas home to the Black Carpet was Kiss. Neil recounted one of his earliest Kiss memories for us, "I was in high school – I am from Southern California. I remember when they were doing the movie at Magic Mountain. I actually had tickets to go see them but I got too f*cked up and didn’t go." The main stage ended with the hottest band in the world, Kiss. The band took the stage and the pyrotechnics began. The crowd loved every minute of it. After the show, all the Honorees were beckoned to the stage where they were given VH1 commemorative rings. Seeing Ace congratulating current Kiss guitar player Tommy Thayer while Tommy was in full Space Ace make up was very surreal. Visit the site and read the full article!