June 26, 2006
KISSONLINE just got back from the KISS Coffeehouse which is now open to the public. Spoke with the staff who told us that it has been crazy since the store opened yesterday at 7 PM. KISS fans and just curious rock fans are stopping by in droves to check out the decor, merchandise and the coffee! The inside of the Coffeehouse will make any KISS fan proud - confetti, tickets, picks and passes laminated in the floor, flat screen TV's playing the KISS Rock the Nation DVD, KISS memorabilia covering the wall and one of the coolest bathrooms you'll ever visit! KISS Coffee, coffee mugs and cups, women's baby dolls and men's polo shirts are available for purchase! The excitement is in the air about the opening. Spoke with many fans who are anxiously awaiting Paul and Gene's appearance Tuesday. It's so great just watching people's reactions as they walk by the Coffeehouse. Everyone is stopping to take photos! Tuesday is going to be a very special and fun day in KISStory and we hope to meet many of you there!!