June 27, 2006
Next up were two huge and dedicated KISS fans that had traveled great distances to attend the opening in hopes of meeting Paul and Gene. Edwin Martinez, a medic with the Army traded some R&R time with a fellow soldier in Iraq! Edwin had his R&R approved and flew from Iraq on a C130 to Virginia and then drove to the Coffeehouse in South Carolina. Edwin flies back to Iraq on the 7th and will remain there until February! This is his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq since the War began. Adrien a 20 year old fan from Poland, decided to take a chance and meet the guys and bought a ticket from Poland to New Jersey, then drove all night to the Coffeehouse! I'm happy to report that both Edwin and Adrien were able to meet Paul and Gene after their long journey's! Both of them told KOL how it was their life long dream. Edwin told me it was worth three tours of duty in a War to meet the guys. Paul responded by signing a poster to Edwin with the note "My Hero" under his name.