June 27, 2006
Now it was time for Paul and Gene to meet the thousands of KISS Army members who had waited the entire day just to say hello to them. Being the troopers that they are, Paul and Gene decided to sign autographs and take photos even though it had been decided earlier that it would take way too long to meet the huge crowd that had shown up. Both Paul and Gene were great as usual with the fans, joking and laughing with them the whole time. They obliged signing just about anything and the KISS ARMY loved it! There were fans from newborns to a few in their eighties! Paul and Gene signed for over 3 hours and Paul's flight arrangements had to be changed so he could stay longer. Paul said the KISS ARMY had always been there for him, so he was staying for them! When all was said and done tonight, somewhere between 2500 and 3000 fans from all over the US and as far away as Japan, the Middle East and Europe met Paul and Gene! What a wonderful sight to witness as the guys interected with the fans. We passed out the commemorative postcards and guitar picks to all who came. It was a pleasure for us here at KISSONLINE to meet such wonderful people - KISS fans are the greatest. Thanks so much for all the great comments about KISSONLINE too! And kudos to Brian and everyone at the KISS Coffeehouse - you all did a wonderful job and the Coffeehouse is truly an incredible place to visit!