November 19, 2012
By David Shalom
Photo by Léo Patel/Earth
Translated from Portuguese for KISSonline by Jill Cataldo

I resisted the temptation to stick out my tongue to Marina Tavares, age 10, who was hanging onto her father's waist on Saturday night. Wearing the makeup of KISS bassist Gene Simmons, the girl became a small attraction in Anhembi Arena, where the band performed with a live broadcast on Terra. "If I had charged $1 for each person who asked to take her picture, it would have paid for my ticket," quipped Chris Tavares, age 35. "In the VIP area, eh?", replied the girl in a high voice.

"It was really cool. The best day of my life! When they came out on stage, I was thrilled, "said Marina, restlessly swinging her arms and legs without stopping, just minutes after the end of the concert. "Rock and Roll All Nite (the song that closed the set list), was very beautiful because everyone sang."

Due to her short stature, the girl had a little help to see her first concert by the American quartet. Good thing her father was there! "She was up on my shoulders the whole show. She saw everything. For sure, better than I did," he said.

"Sensational. Being KISS, of course I was already hoping for a big production. But it surpassed all my expectations ". So said student Jessica Ramos, age 19, of her experience at her first KISS show on Saturday the 17th at Arena Anhembi in São Paulo, which was broadcast live on Terra. "They were not my favorite band [before this], but it was amazing! They are too much, they have no equal. "

The American quartet won hearts among many fans after the end of the show in São Paulo. Advertiser Vinícius Mintu Debnath, age 25, recalled the band's last tour of the country in 2009, extolling the improvement in the technical parts of the current lineup. "The guys are f *** amazing! Explosions, fires, everything. In addition, as a fan, we always want to hear the classics, and they played a number of them. "

"I agree, but there are many classics," interrupted friend Marcela Kraft, age 22, who was wearing the makeup of the group's lead singer and guitarist, Paul Stanley. "It was excellent. In every way. "

"I have seen Megadeth, Alice in Chains, several shows. But this was the best of all. Spectacular," she said.