July 09, 2006
Congratulations to long time KISS fans Lisa-Holly Friedman and Ronald K Marukawa who exchanged wedding vows tonight at 9 PM at the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach! KISSONLINE just spoke to the happy couple and they told us they are still in shock! Ron said the Coffeehouse staff went all out and decorated the store for the wedding, shot confetti off right after they were married and even got them a wedding cake! Then the biggest surprise of all came just as they were celebrating, Lisa and Ron received a phone call from Paul Stanley wishing them well! Lisa told us she almost passed out and hopes she did not ramble too much to Paul! Lisa and Ron asked us to please thank KISS, everyone at the Coffeehouse and Paul Stanley for giving them a day they will treasure together forever! Lastly, the couple would love to hear from the KISS Army and requested that we post their email address,, in hopes of hearing from some of you!