July 29, 2006 EXCLUSIVE: KISS just rocked another standing room only crowd at Chumash Casino! The audience was even more intense then Wednesday's show, with KISS delivering another powerful, energetic performance. Paul was especially energetic tonight, jumping and dancing around the stage at a frantic pace. Seeing KISS in this intimate setting with full pyro and fireworks was special indeed! The band added "Take Me" and "100,000 Years" to the set this evening. We will have more great photos from KOL photographer Al Soluri, posted late Saturday. On a side note, I would like to thank all of you who told me tonight, how much they love the new KISSONLINE. I was really surprised by how many great comments we received. Your kind words and support are really appreciated. I also need to thank everyone in the KISS camp who do so much to help us make KOL great. Besides the crew and McGhee staff, Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy are also very serious about making KISSONLINE a very special place for KISS fans. Paul is involved with the site on a daily basis and I'm happy to tell you that there are more things to come in the next several month to make KISSONLINE rock! Keith