August 20, 2006 supporter Jason Holiday sent us these photos and the note below on the KISS costumes at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Tampa, FL . Hey guys, I just wanted to share some pictures and a short story. I went to the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel a while back in Tampa, FL and what to the surprise of my eyes were the Destroyer era costumes. I almost passed out with excitement! They were incased in glass and stood at each of the four corners of the bar area. They are larger than life even without the icons wearing them. If you listened close enough you could even hear the faint sound of a crowd roaring from the 70's, it was really a sight to see. Well I took some pics and here they are, I hope you enjoy looking at them just as mush as I did being there and taking the pictures personally. Rock on and keep it strong! Jason If you'd like to send KOL a letter or read other fan letters - please click Letters page above under KISS ARMY or follow this link: .