August 26, 2006
KISSONLINE EXCLUSIVE: KISSONLINE continues to bring you new KISS Fragrance product photos as we count down the release of the entire KISS Fragrance line! Pictured here are the HIM and HER KISS Fragrance gift packs. The HER gift pack features Eau de Parfum and a Loviní Body Lotion, while the HIM gift pack contains Cologne Spray and an All Nite Deodorant Stick. Only 16 days left until KISS Fragrances are rockin' the following retailers: BELK, BOSCOVS, DILLARDS, GOTTCHALKS, PARISIANS, ULTA and VIRGIN MEGA STORES (Selective Sizes). Visit each store for different promotional events and public appearances by GENE SIMMONS! ***ALL PROMOTIONAL EVENTS AND PUBLIC APPEARANCES WILL BE POSTED ON KISSONLINE ***