August 31, 2006
KISSONLINE received the pictures and wonderful letter below from proud dad and fellow KISS fan, Jim Maser. Brandon you rock!! I have attached pictures of my son and his Kiss performance at Hilltop Idol. My son, Brandon, has cerebral palsy and lives at a rehab campus in Grand Junction Colorado called Hilltop. They had a family weekend on August 26th and part of it was called Hilltop Idol where residents would sing in front of the audience just like American Idol. My influence on Brandon's musical choices led him to choose Detroit Rock City from Alive 2 as his song. He wanted us to get made-up for the performance so I painted his face like Paul and I was Gene. I introduced him with "YOU WANTED THE BEST YOU GOT THE BEST THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD... KISS". As you can see from the pictures we had a blast. We didn't win the competition but that was only because we were playing to a country western crowd instead of a rock and roll crowd. We were the only rockers but we definitely gave the crowd a performance to remember. Brandon will forever be known as "The KISS Guy" at Hilltop. The band will be happy to know that Brandon is forever a member of Kiss Army and rocks out everyday. Thanks Jim Maser To read more letters or submit your own go to visit KOL's Letters page at www.kissonline.com/letters/ .