October 13, 2006
KISSONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Last night Gene appeared at Boscov's in the Oxford Valley Mall with 2000 of his closets friends and KISSONLINE was there! This was the kick off instore appearance to promote the hugely popular new KISS fragrance line. Over the next few weeks, Gene will appear at eleven more instores and Paul will make an appear at one. Fans started lining up as early as 7am, awaiting Gene's appearance and by noon there were 200 already in line. By the 5pm start time, there were 1500 crazed fans lined up and taking over a large part of the mall. Everyone who purchased a KISS Fragrance was able to meet with Gene, get a photo and have their Fragrance bottle signed by the man himself! Gene was in a great mood - high five-ing the little kids and hugging all the woman. He signed a security guard's bald head and went as far as taking a video camera from a fan and taping himself with that fan. Gene even had kids on their knees bowing to him and chanting "we're not worthy". At one point a fan hugged Gene and was overcome with emotion while meeting his all time favorite. The fan broke down crying and Gene hugged him for about a minute. Gene then offered him a soda and the fan composed himself to have his photo taken and get his autograph. Gene was an absolute gentleman and just as thrilled to be there as were the many fans, staff and Neil Katz, president of Gemini Fragrances. The event was scheduled to go until 8pm, but due to the enormous crowd - they announced that Gene would stay until 9pm. He actually stayed until 9:30pm, making sure that every fan there got what they came for. By time the last person walked away, about 2000 fans had met Gene and left with a fantastic memory of meeting one of rock's all time greatest. AL SOLURI