November 08, 2006
KISSONLINE.com The Bellarmine-Jefferson High School Homecoming Parade, on October 7th featured a KISS themed Float! The Parade took place in Burbank, Ca (San Fernando Valley). All of the floats paraded down Olive Ave., in Burbank during the day, and in the evening paraded around the football field at half-time. The Students performed to "Rock and Roll All Night". Student performers were: Joelle Haji as "Gene", Ashleigh Diller as "Paul", Vincent Huff as "Peter", and Jessica Alvarez as "Ace". The school-wide theme was "music genres". Margaret Aston is the junior class (11th grade) advisor and told us the students picked "KISS" for their theme. The chemistry teacher designed the float but the students did all the work, buying the materials, drilling, painting, attaching, lights, make-up, and costumes, and performing. The students worked after school for a week putting the whole thing together!