December 13, 2006
Zachary Walker Lee Johnson, my son, was born on October 16,2001 in Texas. Problems began to arise when Zachary began violent fits of rage and constant headbutting at the age of 10 months old. Being the concerned parent we were,we took Zachary to doctors everytime this happened, in which was frequent. We were told by all the doctors this is normal behavior. As Zachary became older, the violent fits of rage and headbutting worsened with the endangerment on his life. We were still ignored by doctors for being concerned for my son. When Zachary was 3 yrs old, he finally had a doctor who was concerned for him just as much as Lee and myself. Finally all the right specialists were seen and Zachary was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism. Zachary's violent seizures continued and medications were given. On August 6, 2006, Zachary's first MRI results were in. The conclusion to the mystery of what has bothered Zachary for the past 5 years ended with the doctor explaining to me that my little boy was born with 9 tumors on the right frontal lobe of his brain. This is very rare and surgery can take place but with the most capable hands. Zachary's obsession with the 70's rock band "KISS" began when he was 2 yrs old. At first I believed he saw them as the cartoons characters in my brother in law's room. Gradually, he learned more and more about this legendary rock band. His mind absorbed everything about KISS like a sponge, including every song that they sang. His fourth birthday had to be KISS and we spent more money on a cake than we normally would. Zachary is now 5 and his last birthday was spent at Chuck E Cheese's and KISS was the theme. Not only did we have the cake, but toys and a backpack were included. If I were to describe my son to anyone, I would say he is a child of the 70's. Not only does he love this band, he actually believes they are on tour today and you can buy a KISS toy for him at your local WalMart. Today, if you were to name a title of any KISS song and ask Zachary who sings the lead vocals, he could tell you correctly. Zachary knows the names of the original four, what instruments they play, and their stage moves. Believe it or not, he can immitate Paul and Gene perfectly. This past Halloween, Zachary was Star Child. Star Child made an appearance at our local mall, entered a costume contest and WON!! On January 9, 2007, Zachary will be going to Texas Children's Hospital to seek further treatment from a pedi neurosurgeon. There is talk he may have many surgeries before it's over and my husband and I are terrified for our son. We decided to leave it up to God when there is nothing left to do or no calls to make. Until then, Zachary continues to suffer from seizures, violent spells, and blackouts on a daily or nightly basis because the medication is no longer working. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank You, Kristen Johnson