January 21, 2007 Dear KISS, When I was a child I bought the Mego dolls.I had to mow lawns all summer long,I was only ten years old. I had a great amount of pride in these dolls as I was a KISS fan, and I paid for them myself.(at ten years of age I remind you) My dolls proudly sat on every stereo I ever owned, up into my adult hood,untill a couple years ago,when my dog ate them. Out of the kindness of her heart my wife re-placed them this year at Christmas with some she found on e-bay. I took the left over parts and made one of Eric Carr. It turned out to really fit in with the other four , So I wanted to share it with the members of KISS and the other here it is, and feel free to post it on the site Thank you for a lifetime of enjoyment. Dave Campbell from Kansas P.S. My dolls are now kept in a glass corner shelf. Read other Fan Letters at