August 30, 2013
Brian and Nick designed one of the three winning KISS t-shirts in the recent KISS Bandjob design contest!

Brian graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with an illustration major in visual communication. When outside of the office, he enjoys traveling with his wife, Missy, and three sons, Trent, Alec and Nick. He also enjoys collecting guitars and KISS memorabilia.

Nick is in 7th grade and enjoys video games, hanging out with his friends, traveling with his family (especially when he can bring the family dog, Joey!) and playing football. His favorite KISS song is Firehouse.

Nick has expressed a desire to learn about illustration and design and he says he wants to be an artist like dad one day. One of the things I've always believed important as a commercial artist is to be diverse. So for this contest, Nick learned about cartooning, traditional illustration, 3D modeling as well as design.


I think the inspiration for our KISS designs was in three parts:

• First, work together on an incredibly cool project with my youngest son, Nicholas.
• Second, create a KISS shirt that's totally different from any I've ever seen.
• Third, dream about the chance to meet KISS with my son, Nick! : )

I've always thought a KISS cartoon would be a great concept. That was our springboard. What would it look like if Disney or Warner Brothers created an animated version of KISS? With that school of thought, I drew a tight pencil sketch inspired by the animation kings, as well as the 1976 KISS promo video of Love 'Em and Leave 'Em. Nick then traced my art using the Wacom pen tablet and bezier curves. After that was complete, he learned how to composite the full illustration in Photoshop.

I thought from our early stages of creating we had a pretty strong design, but within 41 seconds of posting our design we received our first vote along with a great message: "Love it! I'd buy it right now!" That was awesome!

With so much incredible talent in this competition (DB, Led Stereo, Steven Thompson, Graphic Engine, Jamie Sapp, just to name a few!!), Nick and I are incredibly honored to be on of the three winning designs.

Thanks to Band Job for the opportunity to share an exciting project with my son, display our talents to the world and for allowing KISS to see how they have influenced me.

And most of all, thank you KISS!! You have been a huge inspiration to me musically and artistically for 36 of your 40 years. Thanks so much for a lifetime of helping to define who I am.