March 31, 2007 I am sending you a picture of my younger sister and few of her friends that dressed up as KISS for decade day on spirit week at their High school. I spent about a week or so hand painting their T-shirts and practicing their make-up. The girls started their day out super excited at 5:30 AM for make-up, hair and costumes. They were all excited about how awesome they looked when they left the house, as they walked into the lunchroom at school all together and ended up getting a standing ovation, other students were flashing cameras and camera phones at them saying that they looked the best ever. As they went thru the hallways to go to their class, a few teachers ended up stopping them and sent them to the office. The principal told each girl they had to remove their make-up because they couldn't tell who they were but other teachers were saying that they disagreed with the principals decision and requested pictures of them before they removed the make-up. Each of these girls are straight A students, never been in trouble, play varsity softball and put a lot of time and effort into their costumes and make-up for this spirit week event, however they were sadly disappointed when all of their efforts were told to be removed. They don't know that I did this, but I feel like our efforts were taken in vein and not recognized. I just wish they could have had the opportunity to be considered in the contest that was going on that day as well for "best costume" because I know they would have won with out a doubt. Thank you for your time in this matter, it really means a lot! Amber P.S....My little sister was actually Gene Simmons...Check out her tongue and you'll see why!! LETTERS click here.