April 15, 2007 Photos by Hiro Shiga for Below are a few fan reviews of Paul's Newcastle show Saturday. As you can see in the third photo down, during the show Paul brought a fan on stage to sing! Front row seats - what a night myself and my 3 children - we had the best time. Paul was fantastic, the set list was brilliant and his voice amazing as always. We went out back to meet him and he spoke to my kids while giving them autographs then our photos with him. I got a huge hug from him as we left wow! He is just what I thought he would be. i have been a KISS fan since the day I was born. My brother who is 11 years older than me bought me up on KISS. This was my dream come true. Loved every minute - thank you so much Paul Leanne Brock I was at the Paul Stanley Concert in Newcastle last night and I thought the whole show was amazing. The house band were fantastic and Paul showed what a professional showman he really is and put on a very entertaining show. It was great to get back to the basics of a rock concert. I hope he enjoyed playing for us as much as we enjoyed listening. Keep Rockin Paul - we love you and hope that last nights turn out doesn't deter you from comin back!!!! Jules My wife and I went to Newcastle last night to see Paul and his band. I have been a huge fan since 1976 and have seen several shows in different parts of Australia. Last night was one of the best shows I have been to. Paul was in great form. His band are brilliant. Paul set us a challenge at the start and I know we tried to meet it. It looked like Paul and the boys had as much of a good time as we did, I hope so. I must say that the young Brazillian guy (sorry ,I missed his name) is awesome. In fact , the whole band were playing as one. A great night. Please keep coming back. I would love to see Kiss come back so I can take my kids. Andrew