April 19, 2007 Photos. Article by: Kaori Hashimoto Freelance Journalist(Sydney) PAUL STANLEY has made a triumphant return to Australia (yet again!), this time for his first ever solo tour outside America - and legions of KISS fans and the Star Child himself are loving EVERY MINUTE OF IT! (One must wonder if there will ever be a FINAL Down Under tour for him...??) He played the Enmore Theatre (where KISS staged their intimate 'KISS In Your Face' show back in 2004) on April 16 & 17, to the wild roars of Sydney fans. The set list included the usual suspects (regular KISS numbers such as Lick It Up, Strutter, Do You Love Me and Love Gun), rarely-performed gems (A Million To One, Magic Touch), and several songs off Paul's two solo albums(Live To Win, Move On, Bulletproof, Tonight You Belong To Me, among others). Overall, the set list was spiced up with lots of 'Paul Stanley Specials' and his solo repertoire sounded really fresh even to the ears of the most seasoned KISS concert-goers. And it wasn't just one-way entertainment,either. Paul involved the crowd throughout the show, talking to and bantering with them between songs and prompting them to sing (or YELL!!) along. On the first night, a member of the audience even grabbed the microphone off Paul and showed off his vocal skills. It was just as well that Paul elected NOT to play Take It Off - otherwise some girls might have jumped onto the stage and started stripping... His Rock Star house band showed us what the hype was all about by displaying one hell of a kick-a** performance. Rafael Moreira, the whiz kid lead guitarist from Brazil, blew the audience away with his wonder guitar solos. Together with Paul 'Keith Urban' Mirkovich(keyboards), Sasha Krivtsov(bass) and Brett Garsed (the sole local talent who replaced the regular guitarist Jim McGorman on this Down Under tour), the band produced very tight (and HEAVY!) sound. ...And I have absolutely NO IDEA how the drummer Nate Morton is capable of producing such powerful performance AND playing tricks with his drum sticks at the same time WHILE managing to break a few in the process... The show's encore saw them play the two biggest Aussie favorites, Shandi and I Was Made For Lovin' You, plus one of KISS classics, Detroit Rock City. The finale was, quite suitably, Goodbye off Paul's first solo album dating back to 1978. But, just as the lyrics of the song go, this Goodbye is "only for now" and, as Paul himself declares, he's coming back here again (that, he swears somehow...).