May 17, 2007
Dear KISS, First, please let me say what huge fans my family and I are of the band. I am writing today because of my 10 year old son and 2 of his friends. We live in a small northern Oklahoma town (one stop-light, one grocery store)called Newkirk. Today, my son and his friends participated in a lip-synch contest at the elementary school (4th grade). The song they chose was "Rock and Roll All Nite". They each chose a band member and we painted their faces. My son, Brandin chose Gene. His friends, Mikey and Seth, chose Paul and Peter. They turned out fabulous. They had guitars and drums and put their little hearts into their performance. They even threw Hershey's Kisses to the audience. We just wanted you to see their picture and know how proud the boys were to wear the makeup and represent Kiss. They might be small town boys, but they have lots of heart. I think you would have enjoyed their song and you might have even been proud of them. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Sincerely, TiAta and Chad Rogers Brandin, Mikey, and Seth LETTERS click here.