April 05, 2014
Co-founder says that although he and Gene Simmons were named, along with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, newer members deserved admission too


After 41 years of rock ’n’ rolling all night and partying every day, pioneering New Yorkers Kiss are riding high — and telling the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation to Kiss their ass.

The face-painting metal pioneers are enjoying a recent wave of popularity. They’re poster boys for designer John Varvatos’ new campaign, and singer Paul Stanley has cooked up a new book of recipes. And oh yeah, the four original members are being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Thursday.

But in true Kiss fashion, the band won’t be playing at the hall’s Thursday Barclays Center induction ceremony because it’s not happening on their own terms.

“The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame doesn’t like us,” Kiss co-founder Stanley told The News. “It’s not a coincidence that it took us 14 years to get in while some rap artists have been there quite a while.”

The hall opened in 1995, but didn’t get around to nominating — and soon rejecting — Kiss until 2009. This year the group finally will be inducted, along with Nirvana, the E Street Band, Peter Gabriel — and no rappers.

While Kiss members may be frustrated at being passed over for more than a decade, they won’t perform at the induction because the Hall is only recognizing the group’s four original members, ignoring another half dozen who have been with the band over the years.

“We are a bitter pill for them to swallow and they decided to make that pill as small as possible by having the four original members, and negating the fact that there are members today and past members who have played on multiplatinum albums and world tours,” Stanley said.

Stanley also suggests that originals Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, neither of whom have played with the band for a decade, might not be up to snuff anymore, and he’s not going to let the Hall of Fame shame him again.

“Sorry — doesn’t work that way,” he said.