July 23, 2007 Sault Ste. Marie show Hi KISS, My kids and I are huge KISS fans and I just wanted to write and say what an awesome show it was in Michigan. I was there with my husband and a friend of mine Kristen Johnson and her son Zachary. While in the lobby of the casino we happened to see Tommy on his way to the hotel restaurant to eat. He took the time to meet us, sign a few things and take a few pictures. While taking time out for us, other fans started to gather around. Tommy made sure he gave each and every fan his full attention until everyone had their things signed and pictures taken before moving on. Later, in the evening before the show started Eric also made his appearance in the lobby, casino area, taking the time to talk and sign autographs and take pictures with his fans. He stayed with them up until he had to go to the staging area for the show. I wish all KISS fans had the opportunity to see what we did, that these guys truly love their fans. The show that they put on was amazing. Paul and Gene made sure that every fan there from reserved seats in front to general admission way in the back was included in the show and that they appreciated each and every person, young and old. At one point Paul had them bring up the lights and said, "How many brought their little ones tonight? Hold em up", then said, "HEY LITTLE ONES, WE WERE THERE FOR YOUR PARENTS AND WE ARE GONNA BE THERE FOR YOU TOO!" which brought thunderous cheers from the crowd. It was like talking to your neighbor over the back fence about the weather, like family catching up on current events. It truly made the meaning of "WE ARE ONE" become very clear..we are one big KISS family, coming together for a big family reunion with pyro, awesome music, and a whole lotta confetti! They put on an awesome, unforgettable show! I included a couple of photos of the concert and of course my kids in their KISS make-up (Kayleigh 11, and Madison 5). I hope that if the members of the band see this letter, that they know that we the fans love them very much and appreciate all the hard work they put into their shows. Hope to see them rockin for many years to come! Take Care, Lisa LETTERS click here.