April 09, 2009


Tonight is a special night for me... I just attended my first ever KISS concert a few hours ago! I'll share some interesting/mildly amusing tidbits of tonight's concert along with some random thoughts of this current lineup:

- Paul's vocals were really strong.... it was a very solid performance overall.

- Gene and Paul (especially Paul) were strangely upbeat, and both of them were having a great time with the audience. I know these guys are professionals entertainers, but I got the impression they were as happy as ever standing on that stage.

- Eric Singer is awesome... I mean really awesome! I love Peter, but Singer's just a better drummer! Especially at this point in their careers... that guy is loud and he made all the heavy songs sound even heavier!

- I thought that all the Pyro and stage work was very well done... my brother said that it was way better than the last time they played here during the Psycho Circus tour. I believe this is the first time they brought the full show here.

- Tommy's guitar playing was flawless and I think he's much more charismatic than people give him credit for.

- It still amazes me how cool Gene looks with that make-up on! He should wear it full time!

- Did I mentioned that Eric is a great drummer and he has a nice singing' voice too... real energetic performance from him tonight.

- The crowd was amazing... they kept singing every verse of every song till the very last moment. They sang it even during the solos it was crazy Laughing

- Gene bass was really loud during the first few songs.

- The place was packed... I would say there were over 35 thousand KISS freaks there tonight. Maybe more.

SGT. Pepper