July 05, 2014
By George Varga

Gene Simmons’ third book will be published this fall. Entitled “Me, Inc.,” it is billed as a how-to primer for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“It’s a kind of ‘Art of War,’ army-of-one life and business book, kind of like the ‘books for dummies,’ ” he said.

"I'm duly diligent. I do a better job of balancing my budget than the U.S. government does with its budget. America is in debt for almost $17 trillion. I've never been in debt."

Not even when Kiss was struggling to make it back in 1973?

"I've always had more money than I spent, which is Rule No. One, which is what I'll talk about in my book," Simmons said. "You are your own business."

Is there any business proposition Simmons won’t consider?

“I turn down things all the time,” he replied. “But if you tell someone, ‘I want you to run down Fifth Avenue, naked, at rush hour,’ and they say ‘No, I’d never do that, not for any amount of money,’ well, that’s not true. If I tell them: ‘Here’s a billion dollars,’ they’ll run down Fifth Avenue, naked, all day. It’s all relative; even God passes the hat around.”

Simmons chuckled. “I’m giving you really good stuff!” he crowed.

When it is suggested he could write editorials for U-T San Diego, his response was immediate.

“How much," Simmons asked, "will it pay?”

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