October 26, 2011
Legendary lead singer gearing up for a “Monster” of a year in 2012

Rock legend Paul Stanley, the iconic voice and driving force behind KISS, one of the most successful and influential bands ever born on American soil, yesterday underwent surgery to address some recurring vocal cord issues. According to doctors, the procedure was a success, Paul’s recovery will be swift and complete, and one of rock’s greatest showmen of all time will yet again preach his rock ‘n’ roll gospel to millions in 2012.

“I hold myself to a higher standard than others do,” Stanley said. “With that in mind, I wanted to remedy a few minor issues that come with forty years of preaching rock ‘n’ roll.”

Stanley’s activities show no sign of slowing down as sales of his highly-acclaimed artwork continue to climb into the multiple seven-figure range, his being named Ambassador Spokesperson for the world-renowned House Research Institute, and Stanley’s overseeing of the ever-expanding KISS empire and worldwide brand with more than 3,000 highly-successful licensees.

2012 is shaping up to be quite a year for the legendary KISS frontman with Stanley once again at the helm producing Monster, KISS’ forthcoming, highly-anticipated follow-up album to the critically acclaimed Paul Stanley-produced Sonic Boom that debuted at number one on the Billboard Hard Rock Chart. Monster will be the band’s twentieth studio album. In 2012, KISS will also embark on its biggest and most ambitious worldwide tour ever, spanning multiple countries and continents, in support of Monster.


About Paul Stanley

For nearly 40 years, Paul Stanley has reigned supreme as one of the single-most recognizable front men in the history of rock and roll. He’s the chief songwriter, driving force and unwavering voice of KISS. A visionary and trendsetter since the early 1970s, Stanley’s passion for both the musical and visual arts has perhaps been the key to the astonishing ongoing worldwide phenomenon known as KISS.

Stanley single-handedly penned such escapist anthems as “Love Gun,” “God of Thunder” and “Black Diamond.” He was the golden throat that throttled “Detroit Rock City,” the charismatic swagger behind “I Was Made For Lovin’ You,” and stripped of makeup, was the unmasked troubadour that breathed vocal life into the ballads “Reason to Live,” “Forever” and “Every Time I Look At You.” Stanley’s artistic and visual input has been seen in everything from the designs of legendary KISS album covers, to the look of the band’s stages and iconic, internationally-recognized apparel.

Stanley is also responsible for KISS the brand, personally overseeing and steering the band’s development and expansion into a worldwide brand with more than 3,000 highly-successful licensees. Over the last 35-plus years, Stanley has channeled his vision, designing and developing signature musical instruments including guitars that continue to be marketed by numerous companies with sales now standing at well over $13 million.

As an accomplished solo performer, Stanley released Live to Win (New Door Records/ Universal Music Enterprises) in 2006, his first solo album in more than 25 years, and second overall. In Live to Win, Stanley strips his emotions to the bone and adorns them with a melodic sheen, with songs about the power of the human spirit and commitment to not compromising ideals. In 2008, Stanley released the concert DVD, “One Live Kiss,” that quickly went to the top of the music video charts. In 2009, Stanley produced KISS’s acclaimed release Sonic Boom that debuted at number one on the Billboard Hard Rock Chart. Stanley is currently at work producing KISS’s heavily-anticipated follow-up album, Monster, that is slated for release in the fall of 2012.

In addition to the concert stage, Stanley has also played to theatrical audiences in the title role of The Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera”. Stanley was chosen to be the final Phantom in the 10-year run of the Toronto production. The show posted unprecedented million dollar ticket sales every week during his historic 6-month run in which Stanley performed 8 shows a week to nightly standing ovations.

During his time in Toronto, Stanley became spokesman for the Canadian-based About Face organization that assists children with facial differences. In this role, Stanley met and spoke with both parents and children about his own personal experience with the birth defect known as Microtia, a deformity of the outer ear, and the additional loss of hearing in his right ear. Stanley spoke to school classes teaching them to understand and embrace those with physical differences.

In 2011, after being contacted by the world-renowned House Research Institute, Stanley accepted the opportunity to become their Ambassador Spokesperson, educating the public on the risks of unprotected exposure to loud sounds and music which has resulted in an epidemic of hearing loss amongst teens. Stanley has become a much-in-demand speaker, traveling the country lecturing and advocating on the dangers of exposure to high volumes.

Ten years ago, Stanley returned to his passion for painting, creating portraits and abstracts that are emotionally-charged compositions. He aims to maximize the direct, physical impact of his paintings through scale, texture, color and simplicity of images. In just a few short years of exhibiting, Stanley’s works have been acquired by numerous art collectors and he has been commissioned to create large works to be displayed internationally. Stanley’s tremendous success as a painter has translated into well over $3 million in sales in 2010 and is on record-pace to eclipse those figures in 2011.

Whether performing on a stage, stadium, canvas or classroom, Paul Stanley truly lives to win.