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We have heard it so many times, but for the KISS fans it never gets old, “You want the best you got the best…KISS!” As soon as that curtain goes down there is absolutely no band in the world that can follow KISS in showmanship, there should be a guarantee on the ticket for the show of your life.

No matter how many KISS shows that this writer has been to, original members, and non-originals, it still amazes me how entertaining these guys are each and every time. Last night, August 24, 2014 in Pittsburgh,PA was no exception. Paul Stanley sounded better than ever and was in fantastic shape vocally and physically. Gene Simmons was bigger than life and spitting blood and making demonic faces with abandon, entertaining the hell out of the crowd. Tommy Thayer keeps proving why he went from road manager to tour de force as the Starman, cranking out the hits with his Les Paul. And of course Eric Singer on drums is a tremendous talent that is such a great addition to the KISS family. From the very first to last note the band keeps you going in an array of greatest hits candy and visual stimuli overload that’s just enough to hold you over until the next time they roll into town.

If Paul Stanley has anything to say about it, they will do just that for a long time to come. Just after he invited a young child to join him on the stage, Paul stated, “We were here for your parents and we will be here for you!” Showing no signs of slowing down, KISS fans can only hope Paul keeps his promise. After witnessing so many shows, one would thing that the same gimmicks would get tiresome. But not with KISS. These are the things that a KISS fan cannot wait for: Gene breathing fire at the end of “War Machine”, when the band goes into “Won’t get Fooled Again” from The Who in the middle of “Lick It Up”, Gene’s bass solo when he flies in the air and spits blood, when Paul flies into the audience for “Love Gun”, Tommy’s guitar shooting sparks, and of course all the fire, smoke, and fireworks that could ignite at any moment. These are the moments every KISS fan lives for and keeps coming back to see and KISS knows it and delivers. There is great reason as to why this is their 40th Anniversary Tour. I for one hope they keep it going and plan to be there for the 50th.

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