Excerpted from an article by by Ashley Winward / ChargerBulletin.com

Welcome back everyone! With a new school year, Iíd like to debut a new segment: My Top five. Every week will bring a new top five; it could be songs, albums, etc. but just know Iíll be bringing you the best!

For this first installment I would like to reminisce a little. This past summer was a wonderful time to be a fan of live music. I spent most of the time I wasnít working sweating in tiny club shows or sweating in the blistering heat of outdoor venues. Summer shows are the best for an unexplainable number of reasons and this summer was no exception. Here were my top five favorite shows that hit the Northeast this season.

1. KISS / Def Leppard North American Tour (Kiss/Def Leppard/The Dead Daisies)

I feel like the reasoning for this as my number one choice needs no explanation. I donít think I was more content all summer than I was sitting on the lawn of the Xfinity Center in Harford eating food from a gourmet grilled cheese truck and watching two rock legends tear up the stage.

There was everything you could ever imagine from these two: fireworks, confetti, lights, fake blood, zip-lines, moving stages and pure face melting rock. Even if you werenít familiar with some of their extensive repertoires, the hits were adequately covered throughout the night.

Kiss celebrated four decades of decibels and Def Leppard also has over 30 years out on the road, making this a true generational show. Probably my favorite moment of the entire night was Paul Stanley zip-lining out over the crowd and just his amazing stage presence, as if they were just a bunch of young guns starting out for the first time. As the saying goes, some things just get better with age and these two are shining examples of such.

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