Fan Review - KISSteria: A Five-Star Collectible!

Yesterday I was overcome with joy in receiving the second and final shipment of KISSteria, and finally having the opportunity to take in all of the set's contents.

As a lifelong KISS fan, I feel that KISS on vinyl represents the essence of the authentic KISS listening experience. Many fans have fond memories of listening to KISS on vinyl and getting lost in the music, the cool artwork, the merch forms, and the extras -- it's a powerful feeling that stays with many fans to this day.

Housed in a sturdy road case, this set combines a treasure trove of remastered KISS vinyl with some unique extras to form a one-of-a-kind collectible that bottles the experiential magic of KISS. On the "Behind The Mask" rating system, KISSteria gets five stars. And dare I say, KISSteria is one of the coolest pieces of KISS merchandise ever released.

Happy 40th to KISS! See you in Vegas....

Tim McPhate

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