Book Review: Gene Simmons Me, Inc: Build An Army of One


There is no doubting that Gene Simmons can be considered the best case scenario of the realization of the American dream. Brought to the United States by his mother as a child, Simmons learned early on the value of hard work and ingenuity. Simmons has forged an empire that includes one of the most successful rock bands of all time (KISS), a clothing line, restaurants, and various other commercially viable ventures.

Detractors of Simmons have labeled him brash and arrogant in the past, but this reviewer ventures a guess that they are either highly envious of his success or unaware of his incredibly humble beginnings.

Me, Inc. is a summary of his thoughts on life and success, and while it is not a typical business book (far too entertaining), it does have really actionable points on what it takes to be a success and get ahead. The average reader will have no problem getting through this book and with diligence, successfully applying his advice.

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