Hotter than hell! Japan to sell KISS-inspired spicy buns

Circle K Japan welcomes KISS Tour to Japan with special edition black steamed bun

Circle K Sunkus promise Chili Tomato Man bread -- set to go on sale nationwide on February 24 to mark KISS' tour of Japan -- will be "Hotter than Hell", the title of a 1974 Kiss album.

The buns will be made with bamboo charcoal to give them a black exterior and red peppers and jalapeno powder for their "geki-kara" (extra spicy) taste.

But fans will have to be quick as only 300,000 of the hot buns, costing 130 yen ($1.10) each, will be made, a spokesman told AFP on Thursday, adding that the promotion would begin as Kiss kicked off their tour of Japan.

Source: Yahoo News

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