Gene Simmons talks upcoming KISS acoustic show

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With or without makeup, Kiss is still Kiss.

The same can be said for the groupís ability to rock plugged in or unplugged. Following up a successful acoustic performance at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in 2014, the legendary rock group will be returning to the Highland casino for a repeat performance Thursday, July 23.

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and the guys will perform a stripped-down set of some of their classics without all the pop and pizazz of a regular Kiss show. Simmons talked about the groupís show, music and more in a recent telephone interview.

Q: When you did the acoustic and storytelling-style show at San Manuel last year, Paul remarked a few times that you didnít know if youíd ever do it again. What made you decide to bring it back?

A: We enjoyed it. Like all things that we do, we do it only if we want to. Sometimes it takes a lot of work. Sometimes itís just seamless. Like when we do the Kiss cruises, itís a lot of work. Youíre talking, making sure every person gets personalized signed stuff, pose for photos with every person and do a few shows. Playing at your place (San Manuel) is seamless. You sort of get up and it feels like somebodyís in your living room, compared to the stadiums we play in. Itís easy and we get a chance to not worry about the pyrotechnics and technical stuff. It feels informal.

Q: In an intimate way?

A: Yeah. Itís not so much showbiz. Itís a chance to peel off the outer layer and let the fans see more of the real people.

Q: Does that help you make a deeper connection with the fans?

A: The result is probably that, but itís not intentional. There doesnít seem to be a big master plan; there never has been. Although people give us a lot more credit for. We do what we like and, often, what we like works. Big time.

Q: Are there songs that work best for an acoustic set?

A: Weíre rehearsing in a couple of days and will dust off some nuggets that we havenít played. Weíre probably going to play some stuff weíve never played live. We may do a ballad weíve never played live. Thatís a kick for us, too.

Q: Does that keep things fresh and interesting, not just for you, but the fans as well?

A: We take our lead from the fans. Weíre very much connected to our bosses and despite the fact that weíre the ones on stage getting the accolades, ultimately we understand that if tÖ

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