Gene Simmons can fly and breathe fire! Here are his top 10 most demonic KISS Songs

By Matthew Wilkening / Ultimate Classic Rock

For our money, some of the very best Kiss songs feature founding bassist Gene Simmons indulging his demonic side. Donít get us wrong, weíve got nothing against songs about sex or rock and roll. But, somehow when the man born as Chaim Witz starts ruminating on the evil within manís soul, we get scared in a particularly good way. To celebrate Geneís 64th birthday (Aug. 25, 1949), we take a look at the 10 Most Demonic Gene Simmons Kiss Songs:

10. 'Not for the Innocent' From 'Lick it Up' (1983)
"Bad habits drip like honey / No tongue can lick me clean"

Justifiably concerned that having their iconic masked images sold on everything from bedsheets to dolls had softened their image -- to say nothing of the overly poppy music featured on albums like 1979's 'Dynasty' -- Kiss took the greasepaint off and let Gene get down to serious business again on songs like this one. He quickly draws a line in the sand between himself and the nice folks, and over a storming Vinnie Vincent guitar riff, warns the innocent masses that playtime is now over.

9. 'Mr. Blackwell' From 'Music from the Elder' (1981)
"I am a sinner who just loves to sin"

This is a great, truly demonic Gene Simmons song that got lost amidst the high-minded goals of Kiss' much-bashed 1981 concept record. Over a downright funky, stop-start bass groove, Mr. Blackwell (the fashion critic? doubtful..) is brought to shame time and time again by Simmons, who asserts that while he's far from a saint himself, even he can tell that his foe is "not well." He finally goes on to declare his enemy worthy of a one-way trip to hell.

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