Is there anyone cooler than Paul Stanley?, Here are his top 10 ‪‎KISS‬ songs Ultimate Classic Rock

 By Matthew Wilkening / Ultimate Classic Rock

The best Paul Stanley KISS songs show just how important the talent and charisma of the man born Stanley Harvey Eisen are to one of hard rockís most outrageous and enduring bands.

Think about it, this whole ridiculous circus doesnít fly without a ringleader who truly believes in the power of rock and roll enough to don warpaint, platform boots, feathers and leather night after night while staring down decades of critical sniping and changing musical trends.

Which is exactly what Stanley has done without falter, even as his bandmates came, went or got caught up in film careers or other outside interests. So here they are, the 10 best songs featuring the true president of KISSnation, Paul Stanley:

10. 'Lick It Up' From: 'Lick it Up' (1983)
 We kick off this list with proof positive that Stanley's ability to write catchy anthems didn't leave him when the band's makeup came off in 1983. Throughout the band's "unmasked" era, it was mostly Stanley-fronted tracks like 'Heaven's on Fire,' 'Tears are Falling' and 'Crazy Nights' that kept the band on the charts. 'Lick It Up' -- a "seize the day" anthem for the bedroom --  has proven to be the most enduring song from this era, and remains a highlight of the group's live shows to this day.

9. 'Sure Know Something' From: 'Dynasty' (1979)

OK, this might start trouble, but you can't have a list of the top Paul Stanley Kiss songs without acknowledging his ballads, ability to adapt to the times, or most importantly, skills with a pop hook. Here he takes a break from bragging about the rocket in his pocket to deliver a tender account of the first time he got his heart broken. The shift in dynamics between the dreamy, disco-tinged verses and the more traditionally rocking chorus make this one of his most sophisticated singles.

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