These 12 Extremely Non-Metal Covers Of KISS Songs Still Rock

Not every KISS remake rocks and rolls all night.

From the moment KISS first permanently conquered rock, metal, and, in fact, all forms of pop culture in the mid-1970s, artists have been covering the group’s songs.

Typically, dipping into the KISS catalogue is a favorite activity of garage bands, hardcore bruisers, and, of course, heavy metal artists. In fact, when it comes to headbangers paying musical tribute to their face-painted heroes, metal’s entire spectrum, from glitzy glam to brutal blackness, covers KISS.

Alas, hard and/or heavy is not a requirement when it comes to covering KISS. Discounting tangentially metal sounds such as Nirvana’s grunge rave-up of “Do You Love Me?” and the Replacement’s drunk-punk “Black Diamond,” delving into non-metal performances of KISS material makes for some mighty odd musical bedfellows. Here are ten of the oddest excursions.

12. “Fui Hecho Para Amarte” – Menudo (1981)

“Fui Hecho Para Amarte” is Spanish for “I Was Made for Loving You.” It’s fitting, then, that when Latin music’s premiere, eternally youthful (via forced teenage retirement) dance-oriented boy band took a crack at a KISS song, it would be KISS’s initially bellyached-about, ultimately deemed kickass attempt to go disco. Menudo’s cover ups the song’s inherent pop factor and those prepubescent voices successfully sell the message. Menudo, too, was made for loving you, baby.

11. “Heaven’s on Fire” – Hayseed Dixie (2003)
Novelty bluegrass act Hayseed Dixie formed in 2001 largely to put out the cult album, A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC (their name, of course, is a play on AC/DC). Following the 2002 multi-artist cover album A Hillbilly Tribute to Mountain Love (which contains “rockgrass” reworkings of Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls” and Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom”), in 2003 Hayseed Dixie delivered KISS My Grass: A Hillbilly Tribute to KISS. The title delivers what it promises, impressively hick-ifying nuggets from the entire spectrum of KISS’s career.

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